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Kosher Butcher Goes up in Flames; Fire Sale on Smoked Meat Ensues

May 9, 2009 | by Jacob Bergerhoffer

Consumers can't get enough of that "charbroiled taste".

Sherman's Kosher Butcher Shop and Deli was the unfortunate victim of a fire this week that saw its butcher shop and adjoining restaurant go up in flames. But in a strange twist of fate, city residents are rushing to the scene of the fire for a barbeque and smoked meat extravaganza.

"I have never tasted smoked meat like this," exclaimed an excited Elias Savage biting into a pastrami sandwich, mustard running down his chin. "The way the deep smoke taste seeps into the meat -- it's delicious! I think Sherman is really onto something here."

As news spread of the unusual delicacy, a meat melee ensued with consumers flocking to the scene of the fire to taste a piece of the action. Some were spotted bringing bottles of ketchup and relish, while others brought skewers and marshmallows. One family event brought sleeping bags and a tent, wanting to turn the event an inner city campfire experience.

In the middle of the crowd was Sherman the Butcher flipping burgers and dogs and selling the smoked deli meat at a harried pace. "My meat is selling like hot cakes here. People are saying that they love my special charbroiled seasonings. I just can't keep my stock on the shelves ...well, that's actually because the shelves were broken in the fire and can't hold anything, but you know what I mean."

When asked how his business would change as a result of the fire, Sherman replied, "If demand keeps up like this, I may have no other option but to burn down my store every week."

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