The Bible

Jacob vs. Esau, Part I: The Two Roles

Unravelling one of the most cryptic episodes of the entire Torah.

Exodus: The Unexpected Redemption

Why did God make the slavery worse before redeeming the Jewish people?

Abraham and Healthy Spirituality

Our forefather Abraham not only taught the world about God; he taught us how to discover Him.

The Death of Cain. The World's First Murder, Epilogue

Does the one who brings death into the world deserve protection from God?

There's No Place Like Home: The World's First Murder, Part 14

Our connection to the land has similarities to our connection to God.

Thank You Presents The World's First Murder, Part 13

When giving a thank you gift there is always the danger that our intentions may be to insure our place in the relationship, rather than express our gratitude.

Cain's Creative Passion. The World's First Murder, Part 12

Our passions can be directed to drive us to greatness, or they can pull us into the depths of self-destruction.

An Overflowing Cup. The World's First Murder, Part 11

When you have more than what you need, it is natural to want to give.

Can Desire be Divorced from Need? The World's First Murder, Part 10

Eve's desire for her husband is not necessarily based on her needs.

The Blame Game: The World's First Murder, Part 9

Cain thinks his problems are because of other people's choices, even God's.

Cain Buys Insurance: The World's First Murder, Part 8

What can you give to someone who has everything? The gift of gratitude is always appreciated.

Creator or Owner: The World's First Murder, Part 7

What happens when something you make means so much to you that you view the wondrous creation as an expression of your deepest self?

Partnering With God: The World's First Murder, Part 6

Can we co-create with the Creator? Or are we just a tool He uses to create new life?

Eve Acquires a Son: The World's First Murder, Part 5

Eve's reaction to the birth of her son gives us insight into Cain's nature and motivations.

Blood on the Ground: The World's First Murder, Part 4

If it was up to you to sentence the first murderer in the history of the world, what punishment would you impose?

Echoes of Eden The World's First Murder, Part 3

The connection between the story of Cain and Abel and the story of Adam and Eve is not easily deduced, but very relevant.

The Enigmatic Genius of Cain The World's First Murder, Part 2

The story of Cain and Abel is not a simple scenario of sibling rivalry.

History's First Question: Where Are You? Serpents of Desire, Final Chapter

Even as God banished us from Eden, He bequeathed to us the tools we would need to make it in the new world of our own making.

The I of the Beholder: Serpents of Desire, Part 9

Desire can confound our perception of the way things really are. A biblical case study.

A World of Broccoli and Pizza: Serpents of Desire, Part 7

Knowledge and the nature of good and evil.

Beauty and the Beast: Serpents of Desire, Part 6

Which Divine voice should you listen to? The voice of God that comes to you in words, or the voice of God that pulses inside you, that animates your very being?

What's In It for the Snake? Serpents of Desire, Part 5

Forbidden Fruit and the assassination attempt.

The Naked Truth: Serpents of Desire, Part 4

Discovering the key to the deeper layers of meaning beneath the narrative.

The Dark Side of Paradise - Serpents of Desire, Part 3

The mystery of the walking, talking snake.

A Tale of Two Trees - Serpents of Desire, Part 2

Mankind's undetermined nature, perched precariously between mortality and immortality.

Adam, Eve and the Elephant in the Room - Serpents of Desire, Part 1

Why would God want to withhold a knowledge of good and evil from us?

Serpents of Desire: Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. An Introduction

Beyond the Lullaby Effect: Reading the Bible with open eyes.

The Ten Commandments

The experience of synesthesia, where the Jews at Mount Sinai actually saw sounds.

Exodus: What's the Big Deal?

Every component of the Exodus was meant to reveal another facet of how God is involved in the world.

Explaining the Binding of Isaac

Where was Abraham's own moral sense when he agreed to murder Isaac?

Search the Chumash with Rashi - in English

Search the entire Five Books of Moses and Rashi's classic commentary. This powerful tool is sophisticated and user friendly.

Rejected Gifts The World's First Murder, Part 1

Why does God reject Cain's gift? Doesn't He know that favoritism can lead to sibling rivalry?

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