Chumash Themes #1: Introduction to the Bible

Chumash Themes #2: The Purpose of Creation

God created a world in need of perfecting.

Chumash Themes #3: In the Garden of Eden

Reconstructing the drama of the tree and the snake.

Chumash Themes #4: Noah’s Flood

Unraveling the cause of the Flood, and Noah’s preeminent role.

Chumash Themes #5: God’s Covenant with Abraham

The forging of an eternal, immutable contract.

Chumash Themes #6: The Binding of Isaac

A seminal event in Jewish national consciousness.

Chumash Themes #7: The Jacob-Esav Rivalry

The physical-spiritual balance of power.

Chumash Themes #8: The Story of Joseph

Sold by his brothers into slavery, Joseph rises to great heights.

Chumash Themes #9: Moses: Prophet and Leader

Understanding the early choices that molded Moses into the giant he was.

Chumash Themes #10: The Ten Plagues

Unique lessons for Egyptians and Jews.

Chumash Themes #11: Splitting of the Sea

Jews go through on dry land, while the Egyptians drown.

Chumash Themes #12: The Ten Commandments

Exploring the earth-shattering events at Mount Sinai.

Chumash Themes #13: The Golden Calf

How could the Jews seem to forget God so quickly?

Chumash Themes #14: The Tabernacle

Understanding why four full parshas are devoted exclusively to this topic.

Chumash Themes #15: Understanding Korbanot

Does God need our sacrifices?

Chumash Themes #16: Pursuing Holiness & Love Your Neighbor

The entire nation gathers to hear about holiness.

Chumash Themes #17: The Jewish Festivals

Unraveling the annual celebration cycle.

Chumash Themes #18: Sin of the Spies

In Israel, the only option is to turn our eyes to the sky.

Chumash Themes #19: Korach's Rebellion

The secret behind the great rebellion against Moses.

Chumash Themes #20: The Balak-Bilam Duo

Uses and abuses of the holy power of speech.

Chumash Themes #21: Wars of the Jews

The Torah innovation of “battlefield ethics.”

Chumash Themes #22: Tochacha and Teshuva

We all face a personal choice with world-resounding implications.

Chumash Themes #23: Transition of Leadership: Moses to Joshua

A Jewish leader must combine bold initiative, with a deep sense of humility.

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