How To Have A Vegan Passover Seder

Why you are allowed to forgo meat at the seder and how to make all your favorite Passover foods vegan.

Marley and Matzah, A Taste of Freedom

What do Bob Marley and matzah have in common? They both teach us about freedom.

Why Maror Is the Bitter Herb You Want to Endure

The bitter herb represents a taste of the kind of suffering that leads to growth.

The Marvelously Modest Matzah

What no one told you about matzah.

Against All Odds (As Usual): A Millennial's Passover Story

How I pulled together a last-minute slapdash Passover seder in the most unlikely of places.

Why Your Passover Seder Should Be Bittersweet

Everything you need to know about charoset, the bittersweet symbol of Passover.

Unleavened Around The World: The Many Faces of Matzah

How the cardboard like matzah we know today came to be and where its softer cousin can be found.

Baked By Israeli Salad Recipe

The Baked by Melissa viral salad made Jewish!

Pistachio Cardamom Blintzes Recipe

The Sephardi flavored Ashkenazi blintzes of your dreams.

Simple Boureka Recipe

Quick and easy way to make traditional cheese bourekas like you had in Israel.

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