WouldJew Believe #27

In honor of Facebook, an Israeli couple names their daughter “like”?!

We Jews 13

Fascinating Jewish record holders.

We Jews: Israel Edition

In honor of Israel’s birthday, fun facts about the Jewish homeland that will make you “kvell.”

WouldJew Believe #26: Passover Edition

What’s the story behind the famous Maxwell House Haggadah?

The Ultimate Yiddishkeit Quiz #3

Are you a Jewish maven? Take the quiz and find out.

WouldJew Believe #25: The Purim Edition

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts like…the Jewish holiday of Nicanor Day?!

WouldJew Believe #24

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts like…Harry Potter’s grave in Israel?!

The 2010 Jewish Guinness World Records

Raise your glass of Guiness, and make a L’chaim to this year’s Jewish record holders.

WouldJew Believe #23

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts, like… a 14 year old rabbi?!

Recipe for a Time Machine

Eating the food of my youth turns me into a kid again.

We Jews XI

Where would we be without our Jewish mothers?

We Jews X

Jewish athletes from sports that are just a bissel “exotic.”

We Jews IX

Think the world’s thinnest book is Greatest Jewish Athletes? Think again!


Jews in America post Civil War

We Jews: Part 7

From This land is Our Land through to the Civil War, We Jews served with distinction.

Q & A with Mel Brooks

At 83, Comedian Mel Brooks isn’t slowing down -- compared to his famous “2000 Year Old Man” he’s a spring chicken.


Jacob Medjuck’s new film has won 7 out of the 9 film festivals it has entered. PIXAR is a fan. But you won’t be able to see it if the big movie studios get their way.

Jay Leno's Orthodox Joke Writer

Marvin Silbermintz is FFB: Funny From Birth

We Jews: Part 2

Tales of Jews who are both unsung and fascinating

We Jews: Part 1

A new series that will make you kvell.

Is Jewish Humor Dying?

The last of the great kvetches.

Not Your Typical Nice Jewish Boy

Robert Cait went from Professional Wrestling to Standup Comedy. Not your typical nice Jewish boy.


Looking at life straight on is so boring. That's why I see it sideways.

Top Jewlarious Hits of 2007

Our best jokes, articles and videos as determined by you, the Jewlarious community. Enjoy!

Yiddishe Mammas

An excerpt from a book about Jewish mothers, and the jokes we tell about them.

An L.A. Latke Lament

Too many of us are losing our Jewish roots. Even the Latke is assimilating.

The Mensch from Manhattan

Comedian Robert Klein is a nice guy in a tough business.

IRV Day ar the WGA

93-year-old Jewish comedian and writer Irving Brecher holds court at the Writer's Guild of America's "Living Legends" event.

Confessions of a Laugh Addict

It's true -- I am addicted to laughs. But to the old fashioned kind.

I Was a Soupy Groupie

My lunch with comedian Soupy Sales is one I'll always remember.

The Power of Laughter

The sadness of dealing with my son's illness was eased by the power of laughter.

Trading Lives with Larry David

Taking on Larry's life for a summer -- along with his neighbor Kenny "Kramer" -- made me appreciate my own.

My Life as a Jewish Cartoon

Playing a Jewish cartoon character on "Rugrats" taught me about who I am in real life.

The Matzohrella Fella

My dad could put a twist on just about every Jewish food. It was great for his soul, but not for his heart.

You're Really Fired!

Be careful what you wish for...

An Andy Kaufman Story

What really happened on that infamous episode of "Fridays"? An insider finally reveals the truth.

The Sadness behind the Laughter

Comedian Shecky Green's life hasn't been all laughs.

Blanket of Laughter

I was using humor as a defense from feeling vulnerable, but when I realized it was coming at the expense of others, I decided to change my ways.

A Letter to My Soul Mate

Since I haven't been able to find you, Soul Mate, I have decided to write you a letter.

Judd Apatow: Knocking It Out of the Park

An exclusive Jewlarious interview with Hollywood's hottest director.

Stand Up and Sit Down

My first brush with stand up comedy was no laughing matter.

Laughing for Peace

The Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour isn't trying to solve the crisis in the Middle East, although it would be funny if they did.

Grandma Rose's Song

Award winning musician Peter Himmelman finds the hidden power of his grandma's Yiddish song.

British, Jewish and Proud

British comedian Josh Howie talks about being Jewish in his act, even in a country that is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.

The First Jewish Grammy

David McLees has accomplished many things in the music industry, but he is most proud of his "Jewish Grammy."

Lost in Translation

A business trip to French speaking Montreal taught me a lesson in Jewish unity.

Was Elvis Presley Jewish?

Orthodox Elvis impersonator Dan Hartal a.k.a. "Schmelvis" thinks so.

The Great Cholent Divide

The only important difference amongst world Jewry is between those who love Cholent and those who hate it.

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