Jews and July 4th

There were over 2000 Jews in colonial America and many took part in the Revolutionary War. Here’s their story.

Fascinating Jewish Fathers and Sons

With Father’s Day around the corner, here’s our salute to some extraordinary Jewish fathers.

Deeper Look At Jewish Humor

When we lose sight of the big picture, humor helps us refocus.

Jewish Celebrities who Served in World War II

In honor of Memorial Day, we acknowledge Jewish celebrities who served in World War II.

The Four Corners of the Earth

The story of the Jewish communities of Bahrain and Tahiti.

Would Jew Believe #40

DidJew know a Jew invented those soy sauce take out packets we all know and love? Who nu?

Seven Things You Didn’t Know about Matzah

Did you know, the TSA has special regulations for security checks on passengers carrying handmade matzah?

Jackie Mason & Me

I interviewed Jackie Mason 25 years ago. Here, for the first time, I tell the story.

Je Suis Charlie?

Jewlarious cartoonist Keren Keet shares her thoughts on Charlie Hebdo and how her profession that has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight.

The 2014 Chelm Awards

The news stories of 2014 that never made the headlines but speak volumes about the true flavor of Israeli society.

8 Reasons Why Israelis are Amongst the Happiest People in the World

The new Pew study demonstrates that Israelis are amongst the happiest people in the world. Here are 8 reasons why.

Jewish Trivia Review

Cleanse your intellectual palate with a little Jewish trivia along with my attempt at humor.

15 Things About Israel that Make Me Smile

On my recent trip to Israel I came across some things that made me smile. Come look at my pictures!

The Jewish Father

In honor of Father’s Day, let’s learn about these fascinating Jewish fathers.

Would Jew Believe: Passover Edition, 2014

Odd and outrageous Passover tidbits…like Cher’s Seder with Gene Simmons?!

Sean Penn & Other Heroes

Sean Penn helped rescue businessman Jacob Ostreicher from Bolivia. Let’s thanks Penn and these other lesser known heroes.

Jewish Firsts 2

Jewish firsts and ground breaking Jews.

Jewish Firsts

Jewish firsts or ground-breaking Jews.

Would Jew Believe #39

Would Jew Believe that…Bugs Bunny was Jewish?!

The Great Jewlarious Joke Competition

Jewlarious is holding a competition to find the best Jewish joke and we want you to tell it.

The Sights and Sounds of Kosherfest

A picture perfect tour of the recent kosher food trade show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Would Jew Believe #38: Yom Kippur Edition

Interesting Yom Kippur facts, like…the name used by Palestinians for Yom Kippur.

Father Labor

The story of Samuel Gompers: father of the American labor and trade union movement.

All Hail the (Baby) King!

Having children makes me one of today's radicals. At least I can count among my fellow “radicals” a future king and queen.

WouldJew Believe #37

Weird wild and wacky Jewish facts like…getting out the Jewish vote in Pakistan.

Ernest Simpson’s Son

The story of a scuba diving Brit with Jewish roots and a connection to the British Royal family.

Kosher Comedy: The Rise of the Orthodox Comic

A small-but-growing number of people involved in the highest levels of professional comedy are observant Jews.

We Jews: Memorial Day Edition

Fascinating facts about Jews who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Celebrities on their Jewish Mothers

Jason Alexander’s mother wept when he told her he wanted to become an actor…

We Jews: Pioneer American Jewish Mothers

As Mother’s Day approaches we salute three great pioneer American Jewish mothers.

Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

Five celebrities you may not have known were Jewish.

WouldJew Believe: The Purim Edition

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts to get you into the Purim spirit.

A Salute to Chicken Soup

Our relationship with chicken soup runs deep.

WouldJew Believe 34: Hanukkah Edition

In the year 3031, there won’t be a Hanukkah?!

WouldJew Believe #33

A leading American Jew attending the first Thanksgiving, a holiday possibly derived from Sukkot?!

A Brief History of Challah

On my favorite cooking show “Chopped,” I was horrified to see them repurposing our precious Shabbat delicacy – challah.

The Gentle Art of Condolences

Jewlarious writer Marnie Macauley grieves for the loss of her beloved husband, and thanks those who have comforted her.

WouldJew Believe: Israel Edition

Remarkable facts about our beloved homeland.

We Jews: Medal of Honor Winners

Profiles of some of the many Jewish Medal of Honor recipients.

Would Jew Believe: The Passover Edition

People used to make artistic designs using matzah perforations…

We Jews: Presidential Jewish Firsts

In honor of President’s Day, We Jews honor American presidents and their famous Jewish firsts.

Abraham Lincoln and the Jews

Honest Abe loved the Jewish people. But could he have been one of us?

WouldJew Believe #30

Would Jew believe Jazz great Louis Armstrong wore a star of David and spoke Yiddish?

We Jews 15: British Edition

Fascinating facts about London’s Jews.

The Jewish Calendar “Qveen”?

Jewlarious' own Marnie Macauley shares her love of writting Jewish themed calendars.

WouldJew Believe #29

Would you believe a non-Jew sues his employer for discouraging him from wearing a kippah at work?

WouldJew Believe #28

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts, such as…Facebook saves a Jewish child’s life?

We Jews 14: Celebrity Holocaust Heroes

Three celebrity Holocaust heroes and survivors.

My Canadian Jewish Dad

Everyone knew you could count on my dad.

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