The Most Famous Jewish Woman in Medieval England

Why Britain just dedicated a new statue to commemorate the trailblazing Licoricia of Winchester.

77 Years After the Holocaust, A Family Reunion

Suzanne Hecker spent 25 years searching for her grandfather’s family.

Death at Sea: The Tragedy of the Struma

In 1942, the dilapidated ship carrying 769 desperate Jewish refugees en route to Palestine, was blown up. There was one sole survivor.

This Black Rapper Is Spreading Holocaust Awareness

With soulful lyrics, Curtis Bates is educating the next gen about the evils of hate.

Are Jews a Race? It’s Complicated

Perhaps there’s a good reason for Whoopi Goldberg’s confusion.

Amnesty International Claim that Israel Is an Apartheid State Is Recklessly Ill-Informed

The slanderous report shows no understanding of the reality of Israeli society, any more than it does of Israel’s challenges in finding an enduring answer to the Palestinian question.

Responding to Hate Crimes against Jews in Chicago

A Chicago rabbi shares his formula to combat anti-Jewish hatred and build Jewish pride.

Ukraine and the Jews

Key moments of Jewish history have occurred in Ukraine.

A Woman Called Me and My Family Ugly Jews

The frightening incident reminded three reasons why the Holocaust still matters.

When All Jews Are Being Threatened

Our mission is to always illuminate the world, no matter how dark it has become.

The Mutation of Antisemitism

We are witnessing the rise of antisemitism around the world. How has antisemitism mutated over time? And why does its return today present a danger not just for Jews, but for all who care about our common humanity?

Timeless Wisdom from Survivors: To Give Is To Live

Wisdom and insights from whose who've seen the best and worst of humanity.

I Prayed Alone in a Room for the Hostages in Texas. Over 200 Jews Joined Me

In a polarizing and disconnected world, we found a shared community, reading Psalms together in a Twitter Space.

The Texas Synagogue Attack

Four lessons in the aftermath of the synagogue hostage stand-off.

Being a Jew of Color: Will Accepting Our Differences Make Us Better People?

Part of being proudly Jewish to me means fighting for the truth, that our differences, not just our similarities, make us human and that every group should feel safe.

The Meaning of 7 Common Jewish Words

A deeper look behind some common Jewish words like chutzpah, oy vey and yarmulke.

Tu B’Shvat’s Timely Message of Hope

Why does Tu B’Shvat, the celebration of the New Year for the Trees, fall in the dead of winter?

Judaism and Suicide

Judaism regards the taking of one's life as abhorrent and tantamount to murder. The preservation of life has always been regarded as a cardinal value.

How Israel Is Helping to Solve the Global Water Crisis

Through many forms of innovation, Israel is a leading example for the world in creating sustainable models of water consumption. Israeli companies export about $2 billion of water tech all over the world every year.

Jewish Swag; 7 Ways to Adorn Your Home Like a Mensch

From books, mezuzah and candles, who doesn't love a little swag.

Catherine the Great and the Jews: 5 Facts

The famous ruler created the Pale of Settlement and shaped Jewish life for generations.

A Jewish Couple Saved a Church. Their Generosity Ended Up Saving Jewish Lives

Solomon and Esther Ueberall raised the funds needed to keep a NY church open. Decades later during the Holocaust, their generosity was repaid in a remarkable manner.

What’s Wrong with “Merry Christmas”?

A historical look of Jews and Christmas and the surprising origins of the greeting “Merry Christmas.”

Why Kosha Dillz, the Rapper, Is Pickled

The rapper gets philosophic about his Jewish identity and talks about his recent viral successes.

Battling Deceptive Missionary Tactics

Our first line of defense is knowledge.

Sing for Peace: Jerusalem Youth Chorus Breaks Down Barriers

Micah Hendler is using music to transcend limitations.

West Side Story: 7 Jewish Facts

The beloved musical has a rich Jewish history.

The Cool Jews

Self-mutilation as a Jewish cultural strategy and the sad history of the Yevsektsiya.

Latkes Are an Essential Hanukkah Food, Even If They Haven’t Been Around Very Long

Most timeless traditions aren’t that old, but so what? They play an important role in celebrating the holiday.

The History of Hanukkah They Didn't Teach You in Hebrew School

Delving into the history of Hanukkah to understand the deeper meaning of the holiday.

Ranking Every Single English Spelling of Chanukah. I Mean Hannukkah. Xanaqa?

It’s time to decide the best spelling, once and for all.

How to Stop an Intermarriage. Or Not.

Intermarriage says a lot less about who people marry, and a lot more about our inability to communicate our heritage and values.

Hanukkah: From Oppression to Freedom

Let's skip to the good part!

Why We Celebrate Hanukkah with Light

Why do we commemorate Hanukkah with the oil when the miracle of winning the war seems so much greater?

6 Ways Jews Shaped Thanksgiving

How Jews helped to create the quintessential American holiday.

SS Guard who Fell in Love with a Jew in Auschwitz

A new documentary tells the story of a grotesque romance that saved lives.

Shabtai Tzvi: The False Messiah who Betrayed Judaism

When the charismatic and popular messianic figure was told to convert to Islam or die, Shabtai Tzvi converted, changing his name to Aziz Mehmet Effendi, creating an embarrassing stain on Jewish history.

When Britain Interned Jewish Refugees

My grandfather was one of the 60,000 Jews whose nightmare continued once he made it to the UK during the Holocaust.

20 More Jewish Celebrities

Well-known figures you may not know are Jews.

Four Perfect Pebbles: Clinging to Hope in Bergen-Belsen

Marion Lazan’s imagination kept up her spirits during dark times in Hitler’s death camp.

Jews Changing Their Surname at Ellis Island

Why everything you've been told about the name changes at Ellis Island is a big, fat lie.

The Dreyfus Affair: 5 Important Facts for Today

The world’s first museum devoted to Alfred Dreyfus’ trial just opened in Paris. Its lessons are needed today.

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