The Temple Mount: A Jerusalem Day Tour from the Aish HaTorah Rooftop

Exploring the significance of Judaism's holiest location.

50 Jerusalem Facts

Taking pride in the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification.

5 Reasons Why the Western Wall is Holy

The Western Wall is a surviving remnant of the Temple Mount where the Temple stood, bringing God's presence in the world.

Why Celebrate Jerusalem Day?

The two-millennia love affair of the Jewish People.

Reclaiming Biblical Jerusalem

The world of archeology is rocked by evidence of King David's palace unearthed in Jerusalem.

If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem

The magic of Jerusalem can pull your heartstrings.

Jerusalem: Holiest City to Whom?

The Jewish people’s unique relationship with Jerusalem.

Lion of Jerusalem: Transforming Israel's Capital

An exclusive interview with Moshe Lion, the mayor of Jerusalem.

Is Jerusalem Israel's Rightful Capital?

Jerusalem is arguably the longest, continuous capital of any people on earth.

VIDEOS: Torah Thoughts on Yom Yerushalayim

In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, watch a number of Israel-based Torah educators speaking about Jerusalem, The 6 Day War, and the significance of the land of Israel.

What is the Real Significance of the Temple in Jerusalem?

Why do Jews mourn the loss of the Temple today and pray for its restoration?

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: What Jerusalem Means to Me

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of reunification.

If I Forget You, Jerusalem

An inspiring music video celebrating Jerusalem in all its beauty.

Jerusalem: 10 Essential Facts

A quick primer about Israel’s capital and largest city.

Rediscovering the City of David

Amazing discoveries that clearly show the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s Top Ten Jewish Sites

Must-see sites for every visitor.

Prayer Power

This Rosh Hashanah, make the connection. A stirring video to share with friends.

Endangering Jerusalem’s Old City

UNESCO’s bizarre criticism is completely divorced from reality.

Jerusalem of Gold: Archeology Update

Biblical archaeology sees golden age in Israel, dark age in rest of Middle East.

Jerusalem: A Music Video

A musical journey through the heart of the world.

The Western Wall Infographic

Everything you need to know about Israel’s most-visited site. Perfect to share for Jerusalem Day.

Dancing in Jerusalem

My groovy, let's-all-make-aliyah theme song that describes the various major redemption moments of the past century.

Temple Mount Gold

Ancient gold treasure from 6th century discovered in Jerusalem.

Lincoln's Secretary of State’s Jerusalem Visit

William H. Seward’s travelogue describes Friday Night Services at the Western Wall.

The Battle for Jerusalem

A reporter’s firsthand account of the unintended conquest.

Jerusalem: Eye of the Universe

A passionate music video that reveals some of the most stunning views of Jerusalem.

The Mount of Olives

Judaism's oldest cemetery is again the target of vandalism.

At the Western Wall

Jerusalem is the light of the world.

Jerusalem's 2,000-Year-Old Channel

Ancient tunnel discovered beneath the Western Wall Plaza reaffirms the Jewish connection to this holy site.

Jerusalem: The Mayor's Vision

Jerusalem must stay united. There is not one example in the world of a divided city that ever worked.

Jerusalem United

Celebrating the re-unification of Israel's eternal capital.

Jerusalem: Heart of Our Heart

Jerusalem is above politics.

Seven Questions: Unearthing the Bible

Dr. Eilat Mazar is revealing the footsteps of Jewish biblical history in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem in Greek and Roman Sources

The Jewish identity of Jerusalem in Greek and Roman sources.

Jerusalem, Earthly and Heavenly

There is no way for a body to survive once its heart has been broken asunder.

Jerusalem (10 min video)

A Stunning video tour of 3000 years of Jewish History.

Magic of Shavuot 1967

200,000 Jews converged on the Western Wall that day.

My Home, My History, My Heart

My house in the Old City of Jerusalem is a portal to the long chain of Jewish history.

How Nachmanides Rebuilt Jerusalem

Forced to flee from Spain at age 72, the great sage restored Jerusalem's ruins.

Why Do We Still Mourn

Why is there so much emphasis on remembering Jerusalem in our lives?

Babylon's Fallen Tyrant

Saddam Hussein saw himself as the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar. And he suffered the same ignoble fate.

Mayor with the Golden Touch

Uri Lupolianski, mayor of Jerusalem, has an even bigger claim to fame. An exclusive.

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