Tisha BAv

If Only

On Tisha B'Av I can feel the weight of thousands of years of “if onlys.”

At the Western Wall

Jerusalem is the light of the world.

All for One

Tisha B'av and the secret of Jewish unity.

A House Divided

God's House will be rebuilt only when each Jew truly cares and loves his or her fellow Jew.

Sweet Revenge

Visiting a concentration camp, faced with overwhelming evil, I was filled with a bolt of anger. What is our revenge?

Yearning for Redemption

Why Jews should yearn for the Messiah.


A bereaved mother’s perspective on the Three Weeks.

The Love-Your-Fellow-Jew Challenge

Do your part to repair the damage. Reach out to a Jew different than you.


I've lost my connection to the past, and no matter how much time passes, there is a crevice in my heart.

The Price of Disunity

Insights into the destruction of the Second Temple.

Jerusalem United

Celebrating the re-unification of Israel's eternal capital.

Jerusalem in Greek and Roman Sources

The Jewish identity of Jerusalem in Greek and Roman sources.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Rabbi Elisha Ben Abuha became a non-believer as a result of two incidents.

Tisha B'Av Message

The dean and founder of Aish HaTorah speaks from Jerusalem.

Laws of Shoes and Chairs

Tisha B'Av is a day of mourning, and minimizing physical pleasure.

Rachel - The Story of the Redemption

"I will return the children of Israel to their homeland once again."

The Sin of the Spies

The deeper connection between the wandering in the desert and the destruction of the Holy Temple.

Tisha B'Av - The Ninth of Av

Overview and laws of the Jewish national day of mourning.


A Tisha B'Av wake-up call from Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.

My Father's Last Words

Consolation in the darkest moments.

Death March, Tisha B'Av 1944

Facing defeat, the Nazis marched 6,000 Jews. A survivor's account.

Starbucks and Tisha B'Av

Taking the risk for greatness.

Star Trek and the Three Weeks

Losing our "mother ship," we are all vulnerable.

A Day at the Western Wall

Exploring the depth of Jewish connection to this eternal holy site.

Mending the Bonds

Prayer is a powerful tool to repair our relationship with God and man.

Making Tisha B'Av Count

It's not just fasting and praying.

Rebuilding after Destruction

How one man reacted when his only son was murdered.

When God Moved Out

Tisha B'Av and the truth of consequences.

Personal Mourning

After the sudden loss of my father, Tisha B'Av took on new meaning.

Holocaust Lamentations

With survivors in mind, the Book of Lamentations comes hauntingly alive.

Festival of Sadness

Longing for a better future.

Celebrating Jewish Sadness

Tisha B'Av teaches that through pain and sadness, we can truly know pleasure and joy.

Stranger on the Hospital Stairs

As the Jewish nation defends its very existence, grief and pain surround us. It all stems from one source.

Destruction on the Tenth of Av

After Tisha B'Av, the burning of the Temple continued for another day. Its effects continue to be felt throughout Jewish history.

Her Name was Patience

She was unusual and the kids knew it. The time has come to ask her forgiveness.

My Home, My History, My Heart

My house in the Old City of Jerusalem is a portal to the long chain of Jewish history.

Reclaiming Biblical Jerusalem

The world of archeology is rocked by evidence of King David's palace unearthed in Jerusalem.

Building Your Own Temple

My 11-year-old daughter came a lot closer than most of us ever will to really understanding the true meaning of Tisha B'Av.

The Roots of Destruction

The tragedy of Tisha B'av has its roots literally in the oldest mistake in the book.

How Nachmanides Rebuilt Jerusalem

Forced to flee from Spain at age 72, the great sage restored Jerusalem's ruins.

Return to the Palace

A love story of a People and their Land.

Why Do We Still Mourn

Why is there so much emphasis on remembering Jerusalem in our lives?

When Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbat or Sunday

Special laws that apply when the Tisha B'Av observance begins on Saturday night.

The Heart-Rending Cry

How is it possible to mourn something that happened 2000 years ago?

Connecting Through Fasting

How can being hungry help us create a spiritual connection?

Overview: Book of Lamentations

Jeremiah describes the tragedy of the Temple's destruction. The lessons are true still today.

Rebuilding the Temple

We must feel the pain of exile if we have any hope of reversing it.

The Temple and Jewish Unity

Why was the Temple destroyed? The Talmud says: Because of baseless hatred amongst Jews.

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