Passover and My Son’s Broken Femur

Why thank God for taking us out of Egypt? Didn't He put us there in the first place?

The Passover Time Machine

Passover is not just a time of remembering, it’s a time of re-experiencing.

Passover in Hell

My grandfather’s Passover Seder, hiding from Nazis in the Krakow Ghetto.

6 Passover Lessons to Impart to Your Children

A letter to my children for the Seder.

The Purpose of Leaving Egypt

Three central lessons from the Passover story.

Passover: Family and Nation

The building blocks of the Jewish people is the family.

Exodus: Retelling Our Family’s Story

Passover connects our children to something larger than themselves.

Passover & Jewish Destiny

Matzah symbolizes hope, especially this year.

The Passover Seder’s 15 Steps

The Seder as an interactive learning experience.

Gods and Kings

How the Ten Plagues brought down the gods of Egypt.

Empowering Beliefs For Freedom

This Passover set yourself free.

My Fight for Freedom in Iran

I could not accept the constraints imposed upon me as a Jew growing up in Iran.

5 Thoughts for Your Passover Seder

Thought-provoking questions and insights to share at your Seder.

How We Can Perform Miracles Today

God split the sea. What miracle can we do?

Making Passover Personal

The Jewish people’s exile and redemption is a map for spiritual growth.

Passover and the Zodiac

Slaughtering the Pascal lamb represented breaking free from predetermined forces beyond our control.

Haggadah and Hieroglyphics

The book of Exodus and the Passover Hagaddah use the Egyptian pharaohs' language and imagery to outsmart them.

Passover: Embracing Our Past for the Future

Instead of rejecting our negative past, Passover teaches us how to use it.

More Than We Want to Breathe

Embracing the spiritual opportunity of the Jewish month of Nissan and Passover.

Our Legacy Passed Along

A Passover letter to my child.

The Matzah / Mitzvah Connection

What does matzah tell us about being a Jew?

Exodus: The Unexpected Redemption

Why did God make the slavery worse before redeeming the Jewish people?

Matzah: Racing Out of Egypt

Why did God rush us out of Egypt?

Seder Table: A Kabbalistic Perspective

A deeper look at matzah, karpas, charoset and more.

Four New Questions for Your Seder

Sparking discussion on some of Passover’s most important themes.

Passover: Breaking News

If today’s media told the Passover story.'s new Passover video.

From Homeless to Harvard

Passover is the time to tell your story.

The Monkey Trap

Knowing when it’s time to let go of the candy.

Passover: What Does it Mean to be Chosen?

Exploring the depth of God’s agenda in the Exodus story. A thrilling 8-part video series.

Teach Your Children Well

The world we build tomorrow is born in the stories we tell our children today.

The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Passover

Our greatest contributions to the world summarized in five words: memory, optimism, faith, family, and responsibility.

Spiritual Freedom

Self mastery is the key to true freedom.

Life's Golden Nugget

Passover & the phenomenal power of choosing to be grateful.

Essential Freedom

How could anyone celebrate Passover, the holiday of liberation, in Auschwitz?

Egypt, Iran & the Passover Miracle

God may guarantee the survival of the Jewish people, but individually, the existential threat is alarmingly real.

Passover’s Secret of Success

How to jumpstart your personal exodus.

The Immigrant Seder

Passover ensures we retain the burning passion to get ahead.

The Second Exodus

We had just seven days to get out of Egypt.

Four Questions to Dating Freedom

Passover teaches us the deeper meaning in the search for a soul mate.

The Passover Playbook

A Super Bowl champion shares inspiration from the Haggadah.

Freedom Without Limits?

“Let my people go” is only half the story.

Breaking Away from the Bully

Slavery is more than just forced labor.

My Pharaoh

For the past seven years I've been enslaved to an eating disorder.

Finding Freedom

Exiting our own personal Egypt.

The Buried Seder Plate

The tragic fate of one survivor's remarkable heirloom.

Passover's Magic

Passover is coming and I have entirely missed the point.

The Passover Paradox

Exile means learning who we are not and who we would never want to be; redemption means discovering our true identity.

Goering and My Grandmother

Leading a secret life as a Jewish resistance fighter, you just never know who you're going to meet.

The Story of a Prayer

A Seder in Bergen-Belsen.

Faster Than Time

This Passover, achieve the impossible.

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