How to Spell Hanukkah

Chanukah, 1942

Spreading the light in Nazi-occupied France.

Why Dreidel?

On Hanukkah we recognize the miracle of nature.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Assimilation & the Chanukah Oil

Understanding the meaning of the Chanukah battle, a war unlike any other.

Chanukah in Bergen Belsen

The rabbi was desperately looking for a small light in the sea of dark despair.

My Big Fat Greek War

Who are the Chanukah heroes who saved our people?


Chanukah: The Fight for Freedom

Why celebrate the miracle of oil and not the great military victory?


Crash Course on Chanukah

A fascinating overview of the history and meaning of the holiday.



Sing "eh-o" and light the candles!

Chanukah and the Heroic Jewish Woman

Are we willing to fight for what’s right?

The Miracle of Chanukah

The military victory and the burning oil provide a deep lesson in self-discovery.

Miracle on Ice - Chanukah Edition

The Jewish definition of “miraculous” is different from Merriam-Webster.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Chanukah and Burnout

Why didn't God simply give the Jews an eight-day supply of oil?'s Chanukah Reader

Stories, recipes, coloring pages, and a full "how-to" section.

Gifts for Chanukah

Look no further. AISHopping has the perfect present for Chanukah.


Chanukah's Secret to Greatness

This Chanukah, light up your life.

Eight Ways to Banish the Darkness

Chanukah's eight powerful tools for bringing some light into the darkness.

Against All Odds

Which was the bigger miracle: The military victory or the eight days of oil?

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Tiger Woods and Chanukah

Is a beautiful golf swing enough to make you a hero?

The Maccabees

Who were these Jewish warrior heroes?

Feeling Like I'm the Only Jewish Girl in the World

Growing up in Iowa, I was the only Jewish child in the auditorium during the Christmas recital.

One Pure Thing

Bringing the hidden light of Chanukah into our lives.

Dr. Mitzvah in "A Light for Andy"

Join Dr. Mitzvah as he builds a Chanukah menorah!

The Holiday Card

A small Chanukah miracle for a lonely Jewish soldier in Iraq.

Hanukkah - Chanukah Coloring Pages

What fun! Print out these Hanukkah coloring pages, color, and enjoy!

Alexander the Great and the Jewish High Priest

The astonishing connection between the two reflects the deeper meaning of Hanukkah.


Just Jew It

One boy learns what Chanukah is all about. Based on a true story.


Twas the Night before Chanukah

An animated Chanukah poem for all ages



Do we notice the beauty and wonder of the world around us? A message for Chanukah.


This is Your Light

Examining the Jewish contribution to Western civilization. With a Chanukah tie-in.


Lighting Our World

This Chanukah, light the flame of hope.

The Nature of Nature

What's the difference between nature and the miraculous?

Chanukah in the Soviet Gulag

When the enemy answered "amen."

Sara Yoheved Rigler

The Chanukah Question

Is it a Jewish value to yield or to resist?

Chanukah: Quick and Kosher

Recipes from the bride who knew nothing.

Dr. Mitzvah - Chanukah

Dr. Mitzvah delivers some light.

Taking Up Arms

What you and I today would have written off as an act of insanity, was in fact one of the greatest deeds in Jewish history.

Chanukah in Iowa

I was the only Jewish child in the auditorium, and sometimes felt I was the only Jewish girl in the entire world.

A Chanukah Carol

In one moment of silence, my Jewish identity was born.

Give It All You've Got

The Maccabees taught us that immobilizing perfectionism leaves no room for God.

The Non-Jewish World of Disney

A Jewish princess does not wait for her prince.

Eight Great Chanukah Gifts for Kids

Being a role model for Jewish values is truly the gift of a lifetime.

Chanukah: The Prequel

The astonishing connection between Alexander the Great and the Jewish high priest.

Spinning the Dreidel

The discrepancy in how the Hanukkah dreidel and Purim gragger are spun reflect a profound lesson in the nature of the two holidays.

The Ninth Candle

Why can't benefit be derived from the light of the menorah?

A Jewish Child on Christmas

My parents succeeded in creating a wonderful Christmas - yet inside me something was amiss.

Light in the Strangest of Places

At a Grateful Dead concert one Chanukah, I felt like the only Jew in the world. Then an amazing thing happened.

My Last Line of Defense

How Chanukah kept me Jewish when all else failed.

Hippie Chanukah

Amidst the pre-Xmas frenzy, a group of idealistic college students unexpectedly discover Chanukah's quiet illumination.

Natural is Supernatural, Naturally

Miracles don't happen anymore, do they?

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