Potato Latke Tricks

How to properly freeze latkes, and three great recipes.

Hanukkah & Thanksgiving: A Torah Perspective

What role does giving thanks play in this holiday?

The Black Miracle: A Hanukkah Poetry Slam

Nissim Black’s search for light amidst the darkness.

Hanukkah Infographic

Everything you need to know about Hanukkah. Share with your family and friends.

Special Recipes for Thanksgivvukah

Donut bread pudding, olive oil cake & getting into the Thanksgivvukah spirit!

Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah remind us to be grateful not just for the success, but even for the struggle.


The similarities – and essential differences – between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Hash Brown Potato Latkes

Super fast and super delicious.

Samurai Jew: The Eighth Night

The epic battle of a young warrior trying to stop himself from eating the Hanukkah doughnuts.

Flames of Rebellion

Lighting Hanukkah candles is a brave act in the Maccabean tradition.

Out of the Darkness

Miracles do sometimes happen. Based on a true story. A timely Hanukkah message.

Hanukkah’s 4-Point Battle Plan

The Maccabees’ eternal lessons for preserving Jewish continuity and pride.

8 Fascinating facts about Hanukkah

An Infographic to SHARE with friends and family.

When Christmas and Hanukkah Crashed

For the first time in my life, I was the only Jew in the group.

Eight Family Ideas for Hanukkah

Ideas to light up your celebration during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Jews and War

The Maccabees realized that there is a time to fight.'s Hanukkah E-Book

A free, 20-page user-friendly compendium of thought-provoking essays.

Eight Nights

A Hanukkah mashup.

Exotic Hanukkah Foods

Try something a little different – and very yummy!

Hanukkah: Rock of Ages

The Hanukkah Story in 8 hit songs. A short medley of pop music parodies through the ages.

Let There Be Light

Understanding the cultural clash between the Greeks and the Jews.

Latke Mania!

Give your family a treat with great new twists on this classic dish.

Chanukah Menu

It isn't only about latkes.

How to Spell Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the only holiday that freaks out your spell check. And that confusion is deeper than you think.

Chanukah, 1942

Spreading the light in Nazi-occupied France.

Easy Hanukkah Recipes

And miraculously fun too.

Why Dreidel?

On Hanukkah we recognize the miracle of nature.

Assimilation & the Chanukah Oil

Understanding the meaning of the Chanukah battle, a war unlike any other.

Chanukah in Bergen Belsen

The rabbi was desperately looking for a small light in the sea of dark despair.

These Small Lights

Chanukah reminds us that we are not the same as everyone else.

My Big Fat Greek War

Who are the Chanukah heroes who saved our people?

How to Make Doughnuts

No hassle, no mixer, square and round doughnuts.

Chanukah: The Fight for Freedom

Why celebrate the miracle of oil and not the great military victory?

Crash Course on Chanukah

A fascinating overview of the history and meaning of the holiday.

Fun Chanukah Cooking

Chanukah cooking doesn’t have to be boring!

Chanukah: A New Spin on Traditional Recipes

Some favorite traditional and dairy recipes your family will love.

Spark of Hope

Cancer I could laugh at. It was remission that was so difficult.


Sing "eh-o" and light the candles!

Lots of Latkes and Donuts

And other special Chanukah treats.

A Dairy Chanukah

Celebrate with these delicious dairy dishes.

Chanukah and the Heroic Jewish Woman

Are we willing to fight for what’s right?

The Miracle of Chanukah

The military victory and the burning oil provide a deep lesson in self-discovery.

Miracle on Ice - Chanukah Edition

The Jewish definition of “miraculous” is different from Merriam-Webster.

Chanukah and Burnout

Why didn't God simply give the Jews an eight-day supply of oil?

Asian Chanukah Recipes

Add an unusual twist to your Chanukah party.'s Chanukah Reader

Stories, recipes, coloring pages, and a full "how-to" section.

Gifts for Chanukah

Look no further. AISHopping has the perfect present for Chanukah.

Lots of Latkes

Chanukah treats and more.

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