Why Maror Is the Bitter Herb You Want to Endure

The bitter herb represents a taste of the kind of suffering that leads to growth.

Evidence for the Exodus

Examining the historicity of the biblical exodus.

The Jews Didn’t Build the Pyramids

And other things that Egyptian culture reveals about the Book of Exodus

You’re Not Who You Think You Are

If someone else's personality was somehow uploaded into your brain, would you then be that person?

There is a Pharaoh and Moses Inside Each of Us

Are we perpetually enslaved to our inner doubts, despair and anger?

The Divine Book of Nature

The starry sky is beautiful but is it anything more than that? What other significance might knowledge of the heavens hold for us?

Pivoting from Funeral to Wedding

How do you change gears from the death of a young person to the celebration of a marriage of two young people?

How to Make the Best and Easiest Charoset

9 recipes for charoset from around the world.

11 Famous Ukrainian Jews

Pres. Zelensky joins a long list of amazing Ukrainian Jews who have made the world a better place.

Bambi Was Jewish

A century after it was originally published, the authentic story of Bambi as a parable of antisemitism is coming to light.

Passover In Zimbabwe, Here’s How We Celebrate

Passover for the Jews of Rhodes Island represents a symbolic metaphor for liberation, healing, and transcendence.

Exodus from Ethiopia

A wrenching true story of enslavement, torture and liberation.

The Forgotten Jew Who Developed the Cholera and Bubonic Plague Vaccines

Who was Mordechai Wolff Haffkine, a Ukrainian Jew, and why was he compared to Alfred Dreyfus?

Is there a God?

Which thing more obviously exists, God or gravity? The question might not be as simple as it seems.

Marley and Matzah, A Taste of Freedom

What do Bob Marley and matzah have in common? They both teach us about freedom.

Why I Wear My Star of David

A potent mix of defiance, tribute, pride and belonging.

The Marvelously Modest Matzah

What no one told you about matzah.

Research on How Covid is Impacting Marriage

Overall, 29% of relationships improved during Covid, 29% of relationships got worse, 30% of relationships remained status quo and 8% were mixed.

The Meaning of Dr. Seuss’s Thidwick The Big-Hearted Moose

A cautionary tale about being complicit in our own oppression.

Moon Knight is Jewish

And three other Marvel Universe characters you didn’t know are Jewish.

7 Ways to Give Your Passover Seder a Unique World Cultural Experience

Fascinating Passover customs from around the world.

The 4 Sons Guests

4 celeb guests who would make your Seder the talk of the town.

What if Reality ISN'T Real?

Dr. Donald Hoffman has made the astounding discovery that everything that we experience through our senses is an illusion. Space and time do not exist and consciousness is the true building block of reality.

Against All Odds (As Usual): A Millennial's Passover Story

How I pulled together a last-minute slapdash Passover seder in the most unlikely of places.

Why Your Passover Seder Should Be Bittersweet

Everything you need to know about charoset, the bittersweet symbol of Passover.

Smile, the Universe Has a Cause

Is it possible to prove that the Universe had a beginning? Many philosophical arguments have been put forth over thousands of years but do they still hold water?

Unleavened Around The World: The Many Faces of Matzah

How the cardboard like matzah we know today came to be and where its softer cousin can be found.

What Do You Serve at a Passover Seder

The recipes you need to make a traditional Passover Seder menu.

Music is Not Normal

Why do we love music? Is there something deeper than sound?

Giving My Son with Asperger’s His Voice

Being his protective advocate was no longer helpful. It was actually debilitating.

Cleaning Our Hearts for Passover

Let’s focus on two qualities that make the biggest messes: anger and jealousy. How do I clean my heart of those?

Bombs Over Germany: A Passover Video

Although you may not be able to change your situation, you can choose greatness within your situation.

In Zimbabwe, Unraveling Mysterious Jewish Roots

One woman’s incredible, complex journey to Judaism – a century in the making.

Good Communication Comes Down to These Two Things

Timing and delivery are the two fundamentals of communication.

Jewish Foods from Ukraine

Some of the most beloved Jewish dishes have their roots in Ukraine.

Why Is an Award-Winning Russian Journalist Fighting for Ukraine?

A former correspondent for the LA Times put down his pen and picked up a rifle, taking a stand in what he calls “a battle between good and evil.”

Madeleine Albright’s Secret Jewish Past

The former Secretary of State, who has just died, discovered she was Jewish at age 59.

Why Is Israel One of the Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World?

Despite the daily dangers, Israelis are remarkably happy. Here’s a Jewish secret to happiness.

A Key to Finding Inner Peace: Understand Your Emotional Pain

If we have the courage to listen to our pain and learn from it, we will find inner peace and empowerment.

Two Ukrainians Discover They’re Sisters while Fleeing to Israel

Valentina and Mariana Varshavky discover they have the same father on their way to Israel.

The 8 Biggest Jewish Moments In Oscar History

The Academy Awards celebrates the best in movies, and for almost 100 years, Jews have been killing it.

The Life of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky zt”l

Why did nearly a million people go to this rabbi's funeral?

Six Million People Have Died from Covid

OP-ED: Let’s mark this haunting milestone by strengthening our resolve to fill our lives with meaning and love.

Leaving Hollywood

Some people dream of getting into Hollywood. I lived my dream by leaving it.

The Telemarketer

Sometimes, you have to throw away the script.

Putin has Zombified My Good Friends Back in Russia

With ironclad control of media, Putin wants Russians to forget their history so he can repeat it.

Holy Dumpster Diving

A painter accidentally threw our mezuzahs into the garbage.

Her Final Hours of Life, A Deathbed Miracle

Concrete lessons from a miracle I personally witnessed.

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