In Crisis: Lessons from the NICU

"Your baby is very sick." How I got through my life's most difficult challenge.

The Indian Princess who Fought Nazis

Noor Inayat Khan courageously spied for Britain behind enemy lines.

The Best Challah Recipe Plus 9 Fun Shapes

Make our quick and easy challah recipe, even a beginner baker can master.

The Einsatzgruppen and the Beginning of the Systematic Murder

The Einsatzgruppen were special action units known mainly for their role in the systematic murder of the Jews in the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories during the Holocaust.

It's a Mistake to Ban Holocaust Denial

A government that can criminalize Holocaust denial this week can criminalize other opinions next week.

The Development of the "Final Solution"

Dr. David Silberklang provides an overview of what came to be known as the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question", which ended in the murder of some six million Jews.

Freezing My Eggs

Single, 36, and planning for motherhood.

Everyone – and Everything – Is Going to Die, and That’s Okay

The fact that the Universe will inevitably come to an end seems pretty unsettling at first glance. Are there any good reasons to be optimistic despite it?

What Happens After You Die?

From time immemorial people have pondered what will happen to them after their bodies breathe their last. What does Judaism have to say about it?

Back to The Basics with The Challah Prince

Beauty is in the simple things in life.

Those Terrible Words: I Don’t Hear a Heartbeat

How my husband and I dealt with my miscarriage.

Ten Rules for Living Your Best Life

Time-honored practices and mental exercises to help you be your best self.

Jewish Ideas That Transformed the World

Without the Jews the world would have been a radically different place.

Heisenberg, Tao and the Unbreakable One

The more closely we examine the physical world, the more it seems to recede from us. Our mistake is trying to grasp the whole by only looking at a part.

We Need to Change How We View Disabled People

Michelle Friedman, a blind disability advocate, shares her story and strong opinions on what it means to be disabled.

How We Can Perform Miracles Today

God split the sea. What miracle can we do?

Do You Have the Necessary Grit to Cross Your Red Sea?

Passover relives the moment when the Jewish nation were all in.

Jewish Comedians and Splitting the Sea

A surprising answer to why so many Jews become comedians.

Apologizing for God

Many great thinkers consider the question "Why do bad things happen to good people?" to be the most perplexing question in philosophy and theology. Are there any truly good answers?

Archaeology and the Exodus

What role does archaeology play in verifying Biblical events?

The Almond Cookie and Matzah Caramel Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed

Florentines and Toffee Matzah Crunch merge for the most unbelievable new Passover dessert.

The Dalai Lama and the Exodus

As long as we never lose our story, we will never lose our identity.

The Secret History of Chad Gadya

The likely inspiration for the famous Passover poem is a medieval German children’s rhyme.

In Egypt, Walking in the Footsteps of the Exodus

Guiding tours to the land of the Pharaohs, I’ve gained an unexpected appreciation for Egyptians – modern and ancient.

Freedom of Speech

Why a central theme of Passover is talking.

Inspiring Insights to Share at Your Passover Seder

A meaningful 10-page ebook to print and share with family and friends.

Slay Your Idols

What are you enslaved to? For me, it’s video games.

What Are the 6 Things on The Seder Plate and How to Make Your Own

Everything you need to know to make and assemble your seder plate even at the last minute.

Pharaoh, Putin and Why This Passover is Different

Again, a despot brainwashes a nation into committing atrocities against an innocent people. But in Poland, we discover history does not have to repeat itself.

The Passover Story is an American Story

The Exodus story is, of course, first and foremost a Jewish narrative. But it has over time become an American narrative as well.

The Passover Playbook

A Super Bowl champion shares inspiration from the Haggadah.

Passover Seder by the Numbers

The number 4 isn’t the only important number at the Passover seder.

10 Ways to Gamify Your Passover Seder

Great games to add excitement to your Passover seder.

Passover’s Three Steps to Personal Freedom

The meaning of Pesach, Matzah and Maror.

The 125-Year-Old Bagel: History with Chutzpah

The keepsake bagel is hard as a rock and surprisingly not moldy. But hold the cream cheese!

Four Ways to Find Freedom and Expansiveness Amidst Our Blessings and Adversities

Learning how to run towards, instead of away, from our challenges.

How Do We Know Anything?

Everything we experience in life is filtered through our own minds. How do we truly know if anything exists beyond ourselves?

A Jew-maican Passover Story

How the Jews in Jamaica celebrate Passover as one big family, plus a really delicious charoset recipe.

Can Science Prove There’s No Free Will? Can Anything?

How sure are you that you have free will? How would you go about proving it?

Giving Voice to the Stifled Jews of Iran

Shirin lives in constant fear. We met on social media. This is her story.

What Happened When I Decided to Get Married

Realizing that deep down I wasn’t interested in getting married changed how I dated.

Hardening Pharaoh’s Heart: How’s That Fair?

If Pharaoh’s actions are imposed upon him by God, how can he be held accountable and be punished for those actions?

My Broken, Tarnished Faith

How a twisted Star of David became the perfect representation of my connection to Judaism.

The Joy of Dying: Understanding Near Death Experience

The study of Near Death Experiences (NDE's) has entered the scientific mainstream. Dr. Jeffrey Long is one of the world's leading researchers on the topic and has many fascinating facts and accounts to share.

Stay Out of the Kitchen this Passover

Super easy and convenient kosher-for-Passover recipes.

4 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate

Really listen, positivity, preparation and humility.

Why Maror Is the Bitter Herb You Want to Endure

The bitter herb represents a taste of the kind of suffering that leads to growth.

Evidence for the Exodus

Examining the historicity of the biblical exodus.

Empower Your Jewish Journey

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