Why the Mezuzah is Placed on a Slant

The secret to creating a happy, peaceful home.

Evolution 2.0: The Coming Darwinian Revolution

Rabbi Adam Jacobs speaks to Perry Marshall about Darwinism and his Origin of Life Challenge for $10 Million.

Why Parents Enjoy Mercilessly Judging Other Parents

And how we can decrease our need to judge them instead.

Is There a Moral Code in a Virtual World?

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the world and our place in it. Are there any real rules in a virtual universe?

Baked Brik Recipe

A healthier, easier version of this traditional deep fried pastry.

Two Holocaust Heroes Who Risked Their Lives to Save Jews Have Died

Both Andree Guelen and Jozef Walaszczyk lived over 100 years and were named Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

Who Was Josephus? The Controversial Backstory of the Famed Historian

When Yosef ben Matityahu, a great warrior, defected to the Romans and became Josephus Flavius.

Faith: the Axis Upon Which the Wheel of Science Turns

Beneath every "fact" lies a series of assumptions that cannot be proven. Like it or not, even science requires a leap of faith.

Sounds of Silence - The Jewish Secret to Mindful Eating

How moments of silence can impact your entire meal.

A Jewish American Tale

Jewish life in America has been fraught with tension between assimilation and maintaining their unique identity.

Interesting Facts about Jews in Early America

Some lesser-known facts about Jewish individuals and communities in Early America.

Orthodox Jew & Patriot of the American Revolution

Mordecai Sheftall is one of the greatest American patriots you’ve never heard of.

What Makes Eli Run?

Eli Shkarofsky is running marathons – and winning – while pushing Refael Boyer in a wheelchair.

The Abortionist of Auschwitz

Dr. Gisella Perl was forced to care for tens of thousands of women in the Holocaust.

That Time The Ivy League Found A Way To Limit Jewish Enrollment

In the early 20th century, Jews were doing so well on college entrance exams that some people got nervous they would take over the Ivy League. The result was a new system that succeeded in limiting Jewish enrollment.

Hiding from the Nazi Downstairs

Elsa Koditschek hid under the noses of the SS family who’d stolen her home.

How Instagram Brought Back This Nostalgic Soup

Borscht is making a comeback, here’s why.

Science Enters the Mysterious Inner World of Consciousness

Does everything in the universe have some sort of consciousness? Some philosophers and scientists say that it does.

Time Is Your Precious Commodity

There's never enough time to do everything, but there's always enough time to do the important things.

BBQ Bourbon Cheese Kugel Recipe

Bring your Ashkenazi ancestors to your Fourth of July picnic with this fusion dish.

The Tyranny of Materialism

Dr. Edward Kelly, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, discusses the existence of non-material reality.

The Two Jewish Brothers who Defied Segregation in Atlanta

And paved the way for Atlanta to join the Major Leagues in the 1960s.

My Choice

Why one Orthodox woman chose to have an abortion—and how she felt about her decision.

Should I Break Up, Get Engaged or Keep Dating?

What to do when you don’t know if this is the one.

Can a Moral Truth Ever Change?

Can a moral truth ever change or does morality need constant upgrading to be truly moral?

Manischewitz Jello Mold Recipe

A red, white and blue dessert to celebrate freedom.

Dona Gracia Nasi & the Spanish Inquisition’s Underground Railroad

Gracia Nasi defied the Spanish Inquisition to ferry thousands of Jews to safety.

The Stockdale Paradox

Surviving what life throws our way requires maintaining the sometimes-contradictory attitudes of hope and optimism, and realism and pragmatism.

Ram Dass: The Jew in the Guru

Within the famous Hindu spiritual teacher beat a distinctly Jewish heart.

When Books Are Dangerous: Book Banning, Cancel Culture and the Maharal of Prague

Cancel culture and the silencing of unpopular views often feels like a distinctly modern phenomenon. As 16th century Europe shows, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Science, Spirituality or Both?

Oxford physicist Chiara Marletto shares her thoughts on some of life's deepest mysteries and explores if there can be any true synergy with the spiritual way of considering them.

Why Can't They Just Say Thank You?

Why people have such a hard time saying thanks.

My Barber, Morris

After discovering my local barber's dark secret, no haircut has ever been the same.

Sweet and Sour Borscht Recipe

My Russian Grandmother’s secret ingredient for the best borscht.

What Fathers Need to Know

This Father’s Day, take a moment and appreciate the primary mission of being a father.

Prayer: a Strange (Yet Very Popular) Human Activity

If we assume that God is good, He will always do what's best for us. If that's true, then why do we need to pray to Him?

Bourekas vs Knishes, The Ultimate Pastry Showdown

How are Israeli bourekas different from Jewish American Knishes?

My Father, the War Hero

My father was a POW at Stalag Luft I and was awarded the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster for his incredible bravery.

Placing a Target on American Jews

The Mapping Project is animated by one of the most durable and deadly conspiracy theories in human history.

Margaritas and Coffee: A Love Story

Figuring out your life’s purpose is a lot like figuring out how you like your margaritas and coffee. Finding your favorite bartender helps.

14 Jewish Ideas That Will Actually Keep You Healthy

How Maimonides’ medical writings can help you lose weight.

The Not-So-Dead Sea Scrolls

How the Dead Sea Scrolls, considered by many to be the most significant archaeological discovery of the 20th century, speak to Jews in the 21st century.

How Three Generations of Loving Fathers Shaped Our Family

Our dream was to build a loving Jewish family. We weren’t going to let a series of challenges get in the way.

Holocaust Survivor Reunited with Daughter After 80 Years

Due to the war, Gerda Cole was forced to give up her daughter. The 98-year-old was reunited for the first time with her 80-year-old daughter.

"All Is Foreseen"

There is an ancient conundrum that asks "if God already knows what's going to happen, how can we possibly have freedom of choice?" Could both be true?

A Scientist on Finding God in Nature

Dr. Gilbert Daniel Nessim unpacks the mindboggling complexity inside a seed.

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