My Abortion Story

We wanted a miracle but my life was at risk.

Sir Moses Montefiore: A Brief History

He was a protector of the Jewish People and builder of the Land of Israel.

Your Self-Worth Is Being Messed Up by Ads and Social Media

Don't be deceived. That image is only a fraction of the picture.

Lox & Schmear Jew-shi Roll

Why we think sushi is totally Jewish!

No Hitler, No Holocaust?

Two divergent views on the causality of the Holocaust and the driving forces of history.

Carl Sagan and the Freedom to Doubt

At the intersection of science and public policy, nothing is more hazardous than dogmatism enforced through the squelching of dissenting attitudes.

A Stranger Amongst You: My Life with Asperger's

I look forward to a day when Asperger’s Syndrome is better understood within the Jewish community.

A Magic Trick in Auschwitz

For Werner Reich. magic sparked a crumb of hope during the Holocaust.

Our Messy Ethical Lives

There are some scenarios in life when no matter what you choose, it's gonna get ugly.

Courage and the Journey to Oneness

Rabbi Adam Jacobs talks with Todd Perelmuter of EastWesticism about his journey to overcome stress.

Survivor of Bergen Belsen and the Munich Olympics, and Award-Winning Athlete

Professor Shaul Ladany shows the world that nothing is unreachable.

Shifka Pepper Spread Recipe

The Israeli condiment you need to try.

When England Expelled the Jews

And the rabbi who was instrumental in gaining them re-entry 400 years later.

Judaism's Advice on How to Best Start Your Day

Make "thank you" the first words out of your mouth.

Adolf Eichmann’s Confession

Eichmann claimed he was bureaucrat following orders. Recently released transcripts of conversations he had with a Nazi journalist show Eichmann boasting of his significant role in executing the Final Solution.

During Her Pregnancy Crisis, Don’t Stand Idly By

Vulnerable pregnant Jewish women need more than rhetoric.

The Best Chocolate Babka Recipe

Master the chocolate babka.

The Moment Scientists Become Anti-Science

The scientific method is one of the most remarkably accurate tools for comprehending our reality. But when it comes to using it for origin of life, some scientists jump ship.

Can Science Disprove God?

Can anything ever prove something's non-existence?

Shawarma Steak with Homemade Pita Bread

A different way to make shawarma.

Why Get Married?

The marriage rate today is the lowest it’s ever been. Does it matter?

Who Are the Mizrachi Jews?

The Mizrahi, or Eastern, Jewish community is the most ancient Jewish diaspora community, with roots dating back to Biblical times. Today they make up about half of Israel’s Jewish population.

Hillel and Aristotle, Shammai and Plato

There are always two ways to approach life - top down and bottom up. Which one is better?

The Woman who Would Not Shake Biden's Hand

Israeli pop star, Yuval Dayan, sets off a firestorm. She’s just being true to herself.

The Temple Mount through the Ages

A historical overview of the holiest spot on earth.

This Man Was Executed in Iran for Being Jewish

Habib Elghanian was executed in 1979 by an Iranian Revolutionary Tribunal. His crime? Being Jewish.

Biblical Foods are Making a Comeback

Going back to a 3500 year old diet.

Why We Fast on the 17th of Tammuz

The five tragedies that happened on this day.

The Radical Act of Fasting

In a world filled with immediacy and indulgence, the countercultural act of fasting teaches us how to temper our most immediate urges.

Did Anne Frank Have Privilege? Do You?

For a Jew, privilege doesn’t mean access, opportunity, or favors. It means responsibility to set an example, to live elevated, meaningful lives.

Love and Absurdity

To Albert Camus, a hero is someone who can accept the bleak meaninglessness of life and press forward nonetheless. Is there no better option?

Israeli Food is so Jewish, Here’s Why

The foods that make up the Israeli cuisine tell the story of the Jewish people.

Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Jewish Colony Near Niagara Falls

How a small island in the Niagara River almost became home to a Jewish haven in the early 1800’s.

History of the Swastika: 6 Facts

Swastikas have a long history and are widely employed around the world today.

Rare Documentation of the Portuguese Inquisition Revealed

A recently discovered manuscript documents the first 130 years of the Portuguese Inquisition’s tribunals against newly converted Christians accused of secretly practicing Judaism.

Remembering a Hero from Virginia Tech

Liviu Librescu survived horror to shine his light in a dark world. His candle burns still.

Why Jewish Values Matter

For 3,500 years the Jewish people have been telling the most revolutionary message in human history: Be good. Be kind. Be honest. Be ethical. Be moral.

How Jewish Latin American Chefs are Redefining Jewish Food

Discover the beauty of Latin-American Jewish Fusion.

The Cosmological Argument for God’s Existence

​​From antiquity to the present, there have been many great philosophers who have made "cosmological" arguments for the existence of God. Are they still compelling?

Why Being Firstborn is a Blessing and a Curse

My struggle to find and embrace who I really am.

Harissa Honey Bagel Recipe

A Jewish twist on the viral Sriracha Honey Bagel.

Unlikely Zionists: The Fascinating Story of Early American Zionism

Though Israel and the United States don’t always see eye to eye, America remains Israel’s greatest ally. For that, we can thank two unlikely heroes: Rabbi Isaac Leeser and John Nelson Darby.

What Happened to the Truth?

Destroying lives through false accusations, innuendo and distortions has never been easier.

In Aftermath of Chicago’s July 4th Shooting, Local Moms Provide Countless Points of Light

After the horrific shooting, a team of volunteers quickly mobilized into action.

The Japanese Everything Bagel Spice Recipe

Furikake meets everything bagel spice in my Jewish Japanese kitchen.

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