It's Not About the Diamond

Presents are nice. Luxurious presents may be nicer. But don't confuse them with real thoughtfulness and caring.

Littering the Holy Land

Thank God, the streets of Jerusalem are alive once again. There is bustle and energy, hope and joy. And sadly, lots of garbage.

Waste Not

Putting your leftovers to maximum use.

Respect Your Elders

No matter what your age, it's never too late to make a difference.

Fashion Statement

If you don't want to be treated like an object, don't dress like one.


Complaining isn't just a bad habit. It actually makes the problem worse.

Wrinkles and All

The pleasures of reaching middle age.

Bonding through Mutual Dislike

Is gossip really a good way to create relationships?

Getting the Ear of the President

Everyday you get the opportunity to meet the most important leader of the world. Are you ready?

Starting the New Year Right

We frequently spend our time on trivial pursuits at the expense of more important ones.

A Fresh Start

Yom Kippur is one of the most hopeful days of the year.

School Supplies Run Amok

Mixed with delight and relief on the first day of school is the fear of the dreaded school supply lists.

Just the Two of Us

There's nothing like a short vacation – just you and your spouse, with no kids – to strengthen your marriage.

Kindness Begins at Home

Why do we feel proud of ourselves for cooking for an acquaintance who just gave birth and burdened by making dinner for our families?

Warmth on the Glacier

Jewish unity in Alaska.

Not in the Mood

It's the giving that counts, not the feeling.

Unimaginable Perseverance

Brooke Ellison is a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down, and she's running for NY State senator.

19 Minutes a Day

Is that enough time to let your child know he or she is a top priority?

Standing Up for Israel

This is a time of trouble for our people, and there is no standing on the sidelines. We all need to be counted.

You've Got a Friend

Our support and trust network is shrinking, and yes we should care.

Shamu and the Happy Marriage

Want to change your spouse's behavior? Reward desired action and ignore the undesirable.

You're Beautiful

Of course it's more important to be kind, but beauty matters.

The Meaningful Job

No job, however important, can provide our lives with all the meaning we need and seek.

Leave It to Mrs. Cleaver

Eating together as a family is not a luxury.


It's in the hardwiring, but does that make gossip good?

Distracted by Television

Turn off the TV and relate to your spouse.

Future Predictions

We spend too much time on big worries for the future, and too little on the small kindnesses of the present.

Letting Go Revisited

Sending off my kids to Israel is getting harder, not easier.

Understanding of the Heart

Women's problems aren't new; the angst is. Here's the first step toward sanity

Living to Eat

What should food mean to us?

Limiting Our Children's Education

Being well-rounded is neither an appropriate nor useful goal for children's education.

Re-Inventing Our Lives

Don't believe the women's magazines. Passover tells us how to truly re-invent ourselves.

Passover: The Ultimate Immersion Course

Passover so dominates our minds and actions, it's almost impossible not to grow from the experience.

Good and Bad Advice

This line has got to be one of the worst pieces of advice.

Hovering Too Low

Many parents today are hovering over their children and denying them the opportunity to be responsible.

Post-Feminism Discontent

A new study shows that just maybe marriages with more rigidly defined roles lead to happier women.

Dressing Up at Home

Casual is not an attitude for a Jewish woman.

Who's Afraid of Commitment?

Getting married warrants a good dose of fear.

A Private Affair

The boundaries between public and private, family and community, have all become blurred, to our detriment.

Big Bully

To make a real change in the school yard, we need to stop rewarding bullying in the business world.

Telling Israel What She Should Do

Israel is not and should not be independent of Jews throughout the rest of the world.

Men's Rights

I don't know how "separate but equal" ever turned into superior, but I never bought it.

Judging Alito

Can we ever escape our past?


If you think life is supposed to run smoothly and easily, I can promise you a life of frustration.

They Fired Me!

We all recognize that our jobs are not our essence, but many of us are far from living with that reality.

Gen-X Envy

They're mastering the work-life balance. Now comes the hard part.

Munich Revisited

Under the guise of caring, there is actually a doctrine of indifference.

Bring It On!

When extravagance is called for.

Bat Mitzvah Hoopla

There is an irony that this traditional celebration of the assumption of responsibilities seems to actually illustrate the lack thereof.

My Wrinkles

Do I really want my happiness to hinge on the success of the latest anti-wrinkle cream?

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