The Key to Expressing Love

Love is an active verb, not simply a passive response.

Have You Found Your Soul-Mate?

Know when to say "I do." Then the real work begins.

Also Loved

A wife needs to constantly feel that her husband loves her.

Emotional Intimacy

Bring the closeness of a vacation together into everyday life.

8 Ways to a More Peaceful Home

This Chanukah, banish the cloud of negativity in your home.

The Good Wife

Am I on my way to becoming a Stepford Wife?

Lion Taming

How to deal with your spouse's anger.

The 24 Hour Rule

Bite your tongue if necessary, and wait a day before rebutting your spouse on any controversial or emotionally charged topic.

Honey, Just Listen!

How to finally get your spouse to truly hear you.

Learning How to Talk to Your Spouse

Four communication skills essential for success in marriage.


Days after we got married, we suddenly found ourselves with nowhere to live. How do you build the home of your dreams in a hotel room?

The 'We' Relationship

Attaining oneness and love in marriage.

The Purpose of Marriage

Commitment to creating an intimate marriage will facilitate mutual self-discovery and a life of meaningful fulfillment.

The Perfect Errand

Making sure your spouse feels loved and appreciated is a lot more important than getting the right brand of detergent.

Five Modern Myths of Marriage

Romance, happiness and other marital misconceptions.

A Question of Character

After catching her fiance in a serious lie, should she go ahead with the marriage?

The Bridal Party

The joy and beauty of a Jewish wedding.

The Marital Crisis

Time does not heal all wounds.

Working Toward Love

Love is not mystical. If you want the benefits of a deeply committed and loving relationship, then you have to put in the effort to make it happen.

The Peaceful Fight

Go to bed angry ... fight with your spouse ... This advice might seem like a strange way to attain peace in the home, but it works.

What Women Really Want

Men, it's really very simple: our deepest desire is to be loved. Here's how to do it.

What Men Really Want

Three keys to a strong marriage.

A Ten-Year Power Struggle

A power struggle can only continue if both antagonists "play the game."

Marital Games

A couple is caught in the common marital game called "Who is the Biggest Victim?" where the two competitors vie for the position of whose needs are more legitimate.

10 Things Never to do in a Marriage, Part 2

Transform a relationship mired in negativity into one based on trust and safety.

10 Things Never to do in a Marriage, Part 1

Transform a relationship mired in negativity into one based on trust and safety.

Marriage or Maui?

More than extravagant gestures, marriages are built with the small daily attentions.

I Don't Know How She Does It

We're supposed to be the perfect wife, mother, employee, boss. But is such a thing possible?

Thinking Clearly in the Face of Anger, Part Two

Practical solutions for dealing with anger and negativity in marriage.

Thinking Clearly in Marriage, Part One

How to stay cool and collected when you're about to blow your top.

Women Who Marry Below Themselves

If I want someone I love to change, what would be the most effective way to accomplish it?

The Cure for Marriage Blues

Do you believe it's possible to achieve marital bliss?

A Husband's Promises

For every husband who could use a little reminding.

Don't Cause Pain, Give Pleasure, Part 2

Ten surefire ways to give your spouse pleasure.

Don't Cause Pain, Give Pleasure, Part 1

The ultimate five-word formula for a successful marriage.

Genuine Fireworks

Inundated with the scandal and speculation of the Clinton years, we have lost our ability to appreciate what it really takes to make a marriage work.

The Road to Divorce

25% of all marriages end in divorce within four years. Why?

Money and Marriage

Wondering why your spouse has a wild spending streak?

Who Do You Love?

Examine your actions vis-a-vis your spouse and ask, "Who do I think about more: my mate or myself?"

Six Habits of Happily Married Couples

Success in marriage hinges on consistent performance of these key habits.

Building Bridges of Love

The basic building block for marriage is love. The love you create will affect the health of your children, too.

Is Your Spouse Driving You Crazy?

Figuring out your spouse's personality type will unlock beautiful new dimensions in marriage.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #5: Be Masters of Growth and Healing

A crucial task of marriage is to allow yourself to discover your weaknesses and take responsibility for working on and correcting them.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #4: Be King and Queen

Your spouse is your number one priority. Becoming queen and king means creating an unshakable alliance between husband and wife.

Five Steps to a Great Marriage #3: Be Like Builders

Staying married means sharing meaningful goals and values.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #2: Be a Team

Do you have the communication and negotiating skills needed to be a team?

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #1: Be Friends and Lovers

5 practical tools on becoming "beloved friends."

"The Surrendered Wife"?

I cringed at the title, but the book, "The Surrendered Wife," offers a surprising amount of wisdom.

The Three Most Important Words

And they're not "I love you."

The Not So Newlywed Game

Do you still remember why you married your spouse? Do you make an effort to keep the romance alive? Are you still cheering each other on?

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