Out of the Mouth of Babes

A child's perspective is clear and pure, unclouded by "experience" and cynicism. If we allow ourselves, we can learn much from a child's wide-eyed view of life.

Why I Send My Kids to Day School

Why is someone like me, staunchly Reform and secular, sending my kids to an Orthodox Jewish day school?

Not Another Parenting Class!

Do we really need another parenting class? Isn't it enough to just follow our instincts?

The Jewish Woman's Regret Chart

Alphabetically arranged for easy reference.

Love Unconditional

"I could always tell my parents about mistakes I made because no matter what, I knew they would always love me."

My Son's Bar Mitzvah

"It's not about the bills, it's not about the bills," intones the mother, as the family gets revved up planning a meaningful Bar Mitzvah experience for the first born son.

Circus, Circus

A visit to Las Vegas shows up the seductiveness of illusion, and reinforces that there is no place like home.

The Problem of Raising Typical Kids

Parents of kids who fight, forget their bathing suit and crumple their schoolwork sometimes need to be reminded that their kids are "normal."

The Restorative Power of Kindness

We read inspirational books to reassure ourselves that kind and caring people still exist. Yet, so easily, we could be one of them.

The Winning Team

Little league has a bad rap -- frustrated coaches, over-invested parents and damaged kids -- but it is possible for it to generate a healthy Jewish experience.

Independence Day

A child's first driving lesson sends her mother into a panic.

Summer In the City

Call me Scrooge. Call me the Grinch. I hate (or rather, as we say around our house, I'm not fond of) the summer.


I don't know about you, but keeping my kids happy on Sundays is a major challenge.

Material Girl

I was flipping through one of those women's magazines that no one ever admits to reading when an ad caught my eye.

Two and One-Half Hours a Day

Carpooling may be a nuisance, but it shows your children you truly care about their education.

Who Comes First -- Your Spouse or Your Children?

Children will go on to forge lives of their own, but the relationship with your spouse is forever. It fosters growth like no other relationship can.

Facing the World: A Daughter's Relection

As she crosses the threshold from her teens into adulthood, a young woman takes stock of who she has to thank for her confidence and love of life.

Letting Go: Notes From a Mother

As a teenage daughter leaves home, one mother panics, takes stock and lets go.

A Weighty Issue

An obsession with dieting is not a Torah value, but neither is preoccupation with food. The challenge is striking a balance in today's fat-conscious world.

Shop 'Til You Drop

What is it with adolescent girls and shopping? One mother's battle for perspective.

The Joys (?) of Passover Cleaning

It is possible not only to enjoy Passover cleaning, but to find it to be the most meaningful aspect of holiday preparation.

No Ordinary Dinner

Meeting a real Jewish hero reminds us that we all have the power to make our dreams a reality - and the world a better place.

Blessed be God ... Who Didn't Make Me a Man

Jewish feminism doesn't mean wanting to be a man. It means thanking God for creating you perfectly female.

Quality Time

Quality time is a myth. Yes it sometimes happens, but scheduling it is impossible.

Cherishing Your Past

Passover reminds us that not only can't you escape your past, but you have to cherish it too.

The Fountain of Youth

Trying out the new anti-wrinkle cream while pondering how aging can be beautiful.

Snow Angels

Paving a path for our children.

"A Question of Trust"

"Why am I a nervous wreck?" A planned trip to Israel becomes an unexpected test of faith.

These Lights We Kindle

Appreciating miracles every day.

Alone in Lenox Hill

In my grandmother's room, it was as silent as death.

A Knock on the Window

Sometimes it's the small gestures that penetrate most deeply.

Sukkot's Healing Hug

In these unstable and scary times, the sukkah gives us a reassuring message.

No One to Blame

A taxi ride to somewhere unexpected.

Everything I Know About God, I Learned From My Parents

Kids start to learn about the Creator of the world from their own creators – mom and dad.

The Key to Life

To me, it is a miracle that anyone can conceive a child unassisted.

Nothing's been the Same

Life sure has changed, my little one, ever since you've joined the family.

Healing My Dysfunctional Relationship with My Mother

There was never any love lost between us because there was never any love.

A Face in the Window

As Father's Day approaches, I am haunted by one most vivid and moving scene from my childhood.

Stay With Me

Lying in the bed she had no questions. Sitting at her side I had no answers.

Clinging to Life

This was my third pregnancy and it was going blissfully well. How things can change in an instant.

Life's Final Chapter

As I took care of my dying mother, a new bond was created.

Father of the Bride

We were marrying off our eldest daughter. Why was I feeling so much pain?

The Blessing of a Rented Room

I was 36 years old and running out of options

My Mother the Judge

Watching Judge Lefkowitz balance the needs of four generations and a seat on the New York State Supreme Court was impressive, especially to her daughter.


I had a house, and then I had children. Preserve your sanity and let go of your attachment of the physical world.

My Grandfather's Maror

Some bitter herbs cannot be eaten.

The Necklace

The true meaning of loving your fellow Jew.

A Face in the Window: A Father's Day Tribute

As Father's Day approaches, I am haunted by one most vivid and moving scene from my childhood.

Dear Single Mother

I was blown away by an encounter I had with one of your 7 children.

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