How to Get Over a Break-Up

After seven months of great dating she suddenly broke up with me. I feel used and betrayed.

Seven Warning Signs of Toxic Relationships

If these warning signs sound familiar, distance yourself as much as possible.

8 Signs You Might Not Be Ready to Get Married

How I was holding myself back from getting married.

Matzah and Relationships

Four dating lessons we can learn from the uniqueness of matzah.

Dating Exclusively

Dating and the Tinder Revolution.

7 Keys to Long-Distance Dating

Yes it can work. Here’s how.

Self-Confidence and Dating

Attaining the self-assurance you need to achieve true intimacy with another person.

5 Things Not to Compromise While Dating

Staying true to yourself while dating.

Shedding the Mask

Making ourselves vulnerable with the relationships in our lives.

Love through 36 Questions

Can you fall in love with anyone by asking a list of 36 questions?

This Guy Is Not For Me

Q&A after a bad date.

7 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

An infographic on how to know you’re ready to tie the knot.


How to get a great relationship to come to you.

Do Opposites Attract?

We’ve really hit it off, but there are a number of differences that concern me and do not concern her.

I Don't Know If He's Interested

5 strategies for dealing with post-date stress in a healthy way.

Coming On Too Strong?

I thought things were going amazing when she out of the blue called it off. What happened?

Casey’s Dating Wisdom

As someone who hated the dating scene and did something about it, Casey Shevel knows a thing or two about effective dating.

3 Dating Questions for the New Year

On setting up previous dates, moving to small town for a great job but few dates, and taking a break from dating.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Breaking someone’s heart for the right reason.

Red Flags in a Relationship

Telling the difference between a minor problem and a major character flaw.

Did I Miss My Chance at Love?

Three mantras for finding your soul mate.

Top 5 Dating Fears

And how to control them.

50 Things to Know about Being a Matchmaker

From Yenta to the Bachelor, being a matchmaker isn’t what you think.

Five Tips for Singles

How to make the meantime meaningful.

Dating the Second Time Around

We broke up a year ago. Should we give it a second chance?

Dating Wisdom from “Are You My Mother?”

P.D. Eastman’s children’s book is really a tale about searching for your soul mate.

Dating Decisions

Being proactive in dating.

Yeah, But What Is He Really Like?

Three keys to peering into the soul of the person you’re dating.

Soon By You

Although they mean well, these three words are like a knife digging deeper into my heart.

The Fabulous Single Life

7 tips on how to really thrive while being single.

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Soul Mate

A few thoughts on how to better navigate the dating scene.

Holding Off

Are you ready for the challenge?

3 Things I Wish I Knew when I was Dating

I would have appreciated a heads-up on a few things. What wisdom do you have to share?

Creating Space for Love

True love requires accepting someone for who they are, without projecting our dreams and fantasies upon them.

Questions to Ask on Your Date

A practical tool that could change your dating destiny.

Rejection in Dating

How to move on after you've been dumped.

You’re So Picky!

How to best respond to the accusation.

The Joys of Being Single

Yes, it’s hard not being married, but I’ve been given an in-the-meantime-blessing and plan on using it as best I can.

My Path to Getting Engaged

5 critical lessons I learned along the way.

Helping Your Single Friends

For starters, stop calling them “single.”

My Fiancée’s Son

She doesn’t want to get married until her child is ready. Should I wait?

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