Current Issues

When There are No Words

How to best interact with someone going through a crisis.

The Indian Princess who Fought Nazis

Noor Inayat Khan courageously spied for Britain behind enemy lines.

Has Social Media Us Made Stupid?

An indictment of the “Wild West” atmosphere of social media and the price we all pay for it.

We Need to Change How We View Disabled People

Michelle Friedman, a blind disability advocate, shares her story and strong opinions on what it means to be disabled.

Pharaoh, Putin and Why This Passover is Different

Again, a despot brainwashes a nation into committing atrocities against an innocent people. But in Poland, we discover history does not have to repeat itself.

Slay Your Idols

What are you enslaved to? For me, it’s video games.

Pivoting from Funeral to Wedding

How do you change gears from the death of a young person to the celebration of a marriage of two young people?

Why Is an Award-Winning Russian Journalist Fighting for Ukraine?

A former correspondent for the LA Times put down his pen and picked up a rifle, taking a stand in what he calls “a battle between good and evil.”

Moon Knight is Jewish

And three other Marvel Universe characters you didn’t know are Jewish.

Madeleine Albright’s Secret Jewish Past

The former Secretary of State, who has just died, discovered she was Jewish at age 59.

Six Million People Have Died from Covid

OP-ED: Let’s mark this haunting milestone by strengthening our resolve to fill our lives with meaning and love.

Putin has Zombified My Good Friends Back in Russia

With ironclad control of media, Putin wants Russians to forget their history so he can repeat it.

Queen Esther’s Love Letter to Her People Is Just What We Need

With everything going on in the world, we need to inculcate her message now more than ever.

We Have to Talk About Charvona

Why do we have to remember the most forgettable guy in the whole Purim story?

Who Needs “Denazification”?

Russia invaded Ukraine for its own imperialist reasons. Ukraine, like other sovereign nations, has the right to chart its own destiny.

Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

In Krakow, Rabbi Avi Baumol is aiding Ukrainian refugees.

Inspiring Quotes by Jewish Women

Marking International Women’s Day, here are some thought-provoking quotes by a wide range of Jewish women.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky: Six Facts

Ukraine’s youthful and unconventional Jewish president is inspiring his nation.

The Frightening Parallels of Covid and War

Let’s heed the lessons of the pandemic and apply them to the threat of war.

Dispatch from Ukraine

No one teaches you what to do in a war. Rebbetzin Miriam Moskovitz shares what it’s like in Ukraine right now.

Probing Conversations between a Rabbi, Physicists, Psychologists, and Other Scientists

Scientific and Jewish beliefs are more compatible than you think. We sat down with leading world scientists and others to discover just how much we have in common

Archaeology and the Destruction of Sodom

The description of the Biblical destruction of Sodom is supported by recent archaeological discoveries.

A Refugee’s Secret Act of Kindness

Having fled Italy in 1939, Isaac Kinek was very sensitive to the needs of the underdog.

Nazi Salute Stirs Controversy in Alabama

Jewish student posts footage from class and opens opportunity for community dialogue, education.

The Uyghurs: The Essential Facts Everyone Should Know

China has been accused of committing genocide against the Uyghurs. Here’s what you need to know, and what you can do about it.

Judaism and Privacy

The more valuable and treasured something is, the more private and protected we keep it.

Jews and the Civil Rights Movement

The Black community continued to face discrimination under the racist Jim Crow laws in the South which led to the civil rights movement. Jews across the United States, by overwhelming majority, joined the cause to end segregation and supported the civil rights cause.

Whoopie, What Were You Thinking?

Whoopie Goldberg isn’t an antisemite; she’s ignorant.

Banning Maus, a Holocaust Graphic Novel, from Schools Is a Mistake

A Tennessee school board’s decision to remove the Pulitzer-prize winning book from its curriculum furthers the ever-increasing ignorance about the Holocaust.

The American Couple who Risked Everything to Help Holocaust Refugees

Only five Americans were honored by Yad Vashem as Righteous of the Nations. This is the story of two of them.

Not Safe Anymore: Rapper Responds to Texas Terror Attack

We fight for humans but at the same time, attacks on Jews are more than half of the hate crimes.

On the Other Side of Hate: A Former Nazi Speaks Out

After the synagogue attack in Texas, former Nazi TM Garret says we can rise above fear.

The Other Side of the Physician’s Desk

With her daughter failing to thrive, a pediatrician is submerged in a world of uncertainty, support groups and advocacy.

When Bob Saget Wrote Me a Letter and Rocked My World

The kind actor personally responded to my letter and taught me a valuable lesson that I’ve always remembered.

Sidney Poitier and the Jewish Waiter who Taught Him How to Read

The famous actor found success after a kindly Jewish waiter taught him to read.

“Covid Rage” and the Breakdown of Civil Behavior

The accumulated tension, stress and fear of Covid has given rise to a seething anger that has gripped a significant part of the population.

Cobra Kai: The Sensei vs the Rabbi

Jewish wisdom goes a few rounds with the Okinawa-inspired karate philosophy.

The First Religious Jew Drafted to the MLB: An Exclusive Interview with Jacob Steinmetz

The pitcher spent a few weeks of his off-season learning at Aish in Jerusalem, Israel.

5 Steps to Making Effective New Year’s Resolutions

A psychologist’s insights on creating a path for real change.

Politics or Spirituality: What Is an Antidote to Youth Suicide?

Jamie Raskin’s son had everything going for him. What was missing?

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