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Choose Life: A Documentary about Leah Kaufman

July 23, 2015 | by Rabbi Naftali Schiff and JRoots

The miracle of survival, faith and the wisdom of a remarkable lady who knows how to live. (Adult discretion advised)

Leah Kaufman is the only survivor of her family of nine. Born in Hertsa, then Moldova, Leah’s childhood was ripped away from her by the evil Nazi regime. Forced out of their home, surviving a shooting squad, death marches and ghettos Leah’s life is one of miracles.

This Legacy Live production is a unique window into the life of a child Holocaust survivor who implores everyone to do as her mother asked, “Live, remember and tell the world,” to embrace their heritage and show others “the beauty of being a Jew”. Leah’s care and love for her family and all others, together with her desire to educate others is an inspiration to all who meet her. Leah’s unwavering faith and life messages empowers people again and again, with her first hand testimony.

After the war the UNRRA sent Leah to a family in Canada. After 50 years in the Montreal community, Leah made Aliyah and now lives in Beitar Illit, Israel. She has three sons, 22 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and continues to teach and pass on her message to others to “Choose Life”. This film is an insight into the brutality of the Holocaust, the miracle of survival, faith and the wisdom of a remarkable lady who knows how to live.

Click here if you are unable to view this video.


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