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Joe Baur

Joe Baur is a Cleveland-born food, recipe, and travel writer based in Berlin. Much of his writing focuses on Ashkenazi Jewish foodways and the evolution of the cuisine as well as how food can be a vehicle for exploring your heritage. When he's not writing, you can find him taking a train to the nearest trail for a run in the forest. You can follow him at @BaurJoe on your social media platform of choice and at joebaur.com.

Kenden Alfond Finds Culinary Inspiration from the Talmud

Honoring women-focused narratives with thoughts and recipes.

Pletzel Recipe

A very oniony flatbread.

The Pletzel of Paris and The Bread That Shares Its Name

The simple flatbread of our shtetl ancestors.

BBQ Bourbon Cheese Kugel Recipe

Bring your Ashkenazi ancestors to your Fourth of July picnic with this fusion dish.

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