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Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum

Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum is the founder and director of The LEV Experience, a Jewish non-profit in the Greater Washington DC area that empowers individuals to find greater meaning, purpose, and possibilities in life by deepening their connection to Jewish wisdom and values. He was formerly the director of Aish of Greater Washington from 2010-2018.

The Soul Element of Wind: The Searching Intellect

The challenge to upgrade, deepen, and refine our beliefs.

The Soul Element of Water: Craving for Connection

We yearn for love and connection, as well as a pull toward physical gratification.

Earth: Overcoming Laziness and Scarcity Mindset

Three tools to rise above the downward pull of our physicality.

Earth, Wind, Fire & Water: The Four Elements of our Inner World

Jewish tradition compares the building blocks of our inner world to the four fundamental elements of creation.

Shofar in the Year of Corona

Let this year’s shofar blast take on a whole new meaning.

5 Success Habits of High Performers

What makes the billionaires, top artists, greatest athletes and other high achievers stand out from the pack?

Before Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, There was Queen Esther

Esther didn’t only save the Jewish people; she transformed the power of women.

Pokemon Go and the Wandering Jew

Living in an augmented-reality universe.

7 Keys to Master Your Life's Mission: #7: Kingship

Taking ownership and responsibility for your world.

7 Keys to Mastering Your Life’s Mission

Using your unique gifts to transform the world around you.

7 Keys to Mastering Your Life’s Mission #5: Hod

The power of listening, giving thanks and apologizing.

7 Keys to Master Your Life's Mission: #3: Tifferet

Finding harmony and balance in all areas of life.

7 Keys to Mastering Your Life’s Mission: #1: Kindness

Using your unique gifts to transform the world around you.

Matzah: Bread of Freedom and Slavery

Why did the Jewish people have to go through slavery in the first place?

20 Engaging Questions for the Passover Seder

Provocative questions on relevant topics to help bring your Seder to life.

Rabbi Moshe Twersky: Students Speak

Two Aish rabbis recollect studying with Rabbi Twersky.

5 Rules for Setting Goals

How to make sure you stick to your resolutions this Rosh Hashanah.

MTV, Hip-Hop and Judaism

Can Judaism be “cool” enough for a new generation?

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