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Adrienne Gold

drienne Gold was a fixture on Canadian Television for over 15 years, both as host of her own daily Fashion and Beauty program, and as a regular contributor on scores of others. After taking a ‘life-changing’ trip to Israel, she found herself captivated by the spiritual wisdom of Judaism, and wanted to share that wisdom, much as she shared her passion for fashion! She spent the past 15 years as Senior Lecturer and Community Liaison for The Village Shul in Toronto, and lecturing around the world. Today, she is a Trip Leader for JWRP (Jewish Women's Renaissance Project) living almost half the year in Israel, and the other half based in Toronto. She travels extensively helping our partners keep the flame alive after the trips, and igniting the flames of upcoming participants. She may teach Torah now full time, but her primary obsession continues to be SHOES!

Losing the Love of Your Life: My Dialogue with Rabbi Ahron Hoch

Diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, the indomitable Faigy Hoch died 10 months later, leaving a gaping hole for her husband, family and community. Her light continues to shine.

After Losing the Love of Your Life: Rabbi Ahron Hoch on Life after Death

Tools for coping and moving forward in the face of pain.

Almost 60

Six things I would tell my 40-year-old self.

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