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Yehuda Appel

Born in New York City, Yehuda Appel was director for many years of Aish HaTorah’s Discovery Program in Jerusalem before founding Aish Cleveland in 1990. In addition to his teaching and administrative responsibilities in Cleveland, his recent focus has been establishing Aish programs on college campuses throughout the Midwest. Yehuda is married to noted speaker Hannah Appel and they have eight children.

How Baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Murray Kept One Man Alive

Nothing was going to keep Richard Wade from seeing Murray join the 3000 hit club. Not even cancer.

Parsha: Showing Favoritism to Children

Why there is no place for showing favoritism to one child.

Parsha: Spiritual Passion

Do we run to Torah the way we run for pizza?

Parsha: Jacob's Elderly Appearance

Jacob's life was shortened as a result of his complaint.

Parsha: The Wandering Jew

Traveling through the journey of life.

Parsha: The Arrival of Rosh Hashana

Meeting the King.

Parsha: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams

Understanding Joseph’s sudden rise to power.

Parsha: Centrality of Shabbat

Parsha: Serious Soul Searching

Parsha: Sorting through Mitzvot

Parsha: Tell Your Children

Parsha: Jewish Education

Parsha: Asking Forgiveness

Parsha: Crime and Punishment

Parsha: King of Israel

Parsha: Logic Versus Faith

Parsha: The Mezuzah

Parsha: Ban on Idolatry

Parsha: Dying a Good Death

Faced with the news of his imminent demise, Moses picks his successor.

Parsha: Human Dignity

Parsha: To Give or Not to Give?

Parsha: For the Sake of Peace

Parsha: Hope For the Future

Parsha: Joining up with the Jewish people

Parsha: Kohanim Priests

Parsha: Unified Nation

Parsha: Repairing the World

Parsha: Sabbatical and trust in God

Parsha: Counting the Omer

Parsha: Retirement

Judaism places enormous respect on the elderly.

Parsha: All About the Mikveh

Parsha: Kosher Ideas

Parsha: Saving Others Embarrassment

The Torah emphasizes the importance of never causing another person the pain of embarrassment.

Parsha: Humility of Moses

Parsha: Proper Hygiene

Parsha: Beauty and the Kohanim

Parsha: God Dwelling on Earth Below

Parsha: All About Dogs

The role of dogs in Jewish lore.

Parsha: Why is Adultery So Bad?

Parsha: Balance in the Metaphysical Realm

Parsha: Taking Gold and Silver from Egyptians

Parsha: Miracles and Magic

Parsha: Moses at the Burning Bush

Parsha: Respect for the dead

Parsha: Jacob returns to his roots

Parsha: Employer-Employee Relations

Parsha: The Holiness of Hebron

Understanding Hebron's place in Jewish thought.

Parsha: Actualizing potential through tests

Parsha: Abraham reaches out to help

Parsha: The Malady of Self-Deception

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