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Rabbi Simcha Weinstein

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein is a bestselling author who was voted New York’s Hippest Rabbi by PBS Channel 13. He chairs the Religious Affairs Committee at Pratt Institute and resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Moon Knight is Jewish

And three other Marvel Universe characters you didn’t know are Jewish.

Autism’s Growing Problem

As kids with autism become teenagers and adults, fewer and fewer services are available to help them and their families.

The Schwartz Awakens

A rabbi’s Jewish take on the latest Star Wars blockbuster.

All Hail the (Baby) King!

Having children makes me one of today's radicals. At least I can count among my fellow “radicals” a future king and queen.

The Kabbalah of Lego

My son’s decision to move from Playmobil to Lego is a metaphor for our society. Really.

Extreme Sports: Jewish Style

A guide to upside down dreidel spinning.

7 Billion Is Not Enough

World population may have hit seven billion people, but here’s why we need more.

Patriot Games

Is Captain America too American?

Why I Didn’t Watch the Royal Wedding

Let’s give William and Kate the best gift of all – the gift of privacy.

Inception: In Your Dreams

The Kabbalah of Christopher Nolan’s new film Inception.

Is Spider-Man Jewish?

Goldman, Lipman and Spider-Man: All Jewish names.

South Park, Serious Funny

Comedy Central muzzles free speech in fear of offending Islam.

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