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Dr. Yvette Alt Miller

Dr. Alt Miller lives with her family in Chicago, and has lectured internationally on Jewish topics. Her book Angels at the table: a Practical Guide to Celebrating Shabbat takes readers through the rituals of Shabbat and more, explaining the full beautiful spectrum of Jewish traditions with warmth and humor. It has been praised as "life-changing", a modern classic, and used in classes and discussion groups around the world.

Alice Walker & Israel

The Pulitzer Prize winner’s fanatical worldview has morphed into Jew-hatred.

Amazing Israeli Medical Breakthroughs

Modern Israeli inventions are giving handicapped people new hope.

6 Questions for Mother’s Day

Using the day to reflect on the goals you have for your family.

Passover Foods Around the World

Fresh, intensely flavorful Passover recipes from different Jewish communities.

A Letter from Toulouse

Mrs. Sandler urges Jews around the world to do good in memory of the beloved victims.

Purim Foods around the World

Hamentashen are old hat. Try some lesser-known Purim treats.

Lessons for Israel Apartheid Week

My one-woman crusade to boycott human rights abusers.

The Woman in the Park

With all my flaws, am I worthy of love?

Is Break-Fast the Hippest Holiday?

Relating to food on a day with no food.

Genome Judaism

All Jews are connected.

The Stoning Dog Hoax

The sad phenomenon of anti-Jewish slurs.

Anti-Israel Spillover

Every Jew needs to stand up for Israel.

Discovering Angels

How the Jewish Sabbath transformed my life.

I Too Am Royalty

As a child I longed for the majestic. Watching the royal wedding, I realized I found it.

Connecting with Israel

Things we can do to strengthen our bonds with the Jewish State.

Itamar: Why Many Don’t Care

We cannot let indifference, bordering on cruelty, become the norm.

Blood Libels: Yesterday and Today

Recent rhetoric has raised the specter once again.

The Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Judaism's timeless formula for moments like this.

Airbrushing Jewish History

Chipping away at the millennia of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

The Secret in My Marriage

The unintended consequences of planning my husband's surprise birthday party.

Closer to the End

Living with the knowledge that we won’t live forever.

Passover: Making it Personal

How can we identify with the Jewish slaves today?

Jewish Day School Fears

Answering the commonly asked questions about sending kids to Jewish Day school.

Can We Ever Unplug?

Our family’s built-in media-free zone.

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