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Rabbi Yisroel Roll

Rabbi Yisroel Roll is a dynamic motivational speaker, a psychotherapist specializing in self-esteem enhancement, and the author of nine books on self-esteem. He has lectured in Canada, the USA, England, South Africa and Israel. Rabbi Roll is the Director of the Self Esteem Clinic and has served as the Rabbi of New West End Shul in London, England. His new book is Stay Woke and Ignite your Soul: Your Life Matters which presents a step-by-step program for self-actualization.

The Terrifying Feeling of Being Alone in the World

Embracing your unique self is essential for relating to others.

My Meeting with Princess Diana

My encounter with her royal highness reminded me that each of us can be a king or queen.

How to Best Face Your Day

Dispel the negatively and proactively place you mind in a positive place.

Horse or Rider: Who Are You?

Understanding the human being’s inner conflict of desires.

Passover and the Three Phases of Life

It’s no accident that life is comprised of highs and lows.

Coronavirus Anxiety Syndrome

10-part video series from the psychotherapist on how to overcome anxiety and build resilience and serenity in this time of global crisis.

British Museum & Evidence of Israelite Slavery in Egypt

A mud brick with straw, stamped with a royal seal that says “House of Ramses ll,” and other cool artifacts.

The Power of Making a Difference

Creating a legacy and making your mark.

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