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When is Rosh Hashanah 2022?

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, 2022 begins on Sunday, September 25 at sunset and ends in the evening of Tuesday, September 27.

What is on the Passover Seder Plate?

The seder plate is the focal point of the Passover seder. Discover its ingredients and symbolism.

When is Passover 2022?

Passover (Pesach) 2022 begins Friday evening April 15 and ends Saturday April 23 after nightfall.

When is Hanukkah 2020?

Hanukkah (Chanukah) begins at sundown December 10 through December 18, 2020

Best Hanukkah Songs - Traditional Chanukah Songs with Lyrics

Enjoy these popular and classic Hanukkah (Chanukah) songs with full lyrics.

AishLive Classes, Free Online Courses and Coronavirus Coverage

Aish.com Coronavirus Coverage and more, updated regularly.

Harvey Hecker, Humble Giant

Mourning the passing of the first President of Aish International.

Rabbi Steve Burg to Lead Aish HaTorah

Prominent Jewish leader shares vision for a new exciting era.

Sheryl Sandberg and Shloshim

Bringing the ideas of Jewish mourning into the national spotlight.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg OBM: A Tribute Film

A 4-minute film on the life of Rabbi Noah Weinberg, commemorating his 5th yartzeit.

Introducing Aish Webinars

Live, stimulating online seminars by top Aish authors and lecturers, in conjunction with Jewish Workshops.

When is Yom Kippur 2018?

Yom Kippur begins sundown September 18 – through September 19, 2018

Nazi Propaganda Power

Using skillful propaganda, the Nazis brought German anti-Semitism to a fever pitch.

Israel & the Environment

An amazing fact sheet about one of the greenest countries in the world.

Tzedaka Box

Make a Tzedaka/Charity box and save a few coins each day. To the needy or a worthy cause, give the money away!

Honey Dish

Instructions for making your own honey dish. Great fun for kids!

Trapped in Bolivian Prison

Jacob Ostreicher suffers the fallout of a broken justice system. You can help.

5 Ways to Build Unity

Helping others is a pillar of Judaism.

Like Water on a Rock

A stunning new book by ArtScroll features Aish.com’s best articles.

Shabbat Comes to the White House

Jacob Lew is appointed White House Chief of Staff. Is that good for the Jews?

Aish.com's Best of 2011

Revisiting the most popular articles and videos of the year.

The Life Assurance Specialist

Marc Firestone’s efforts earn him Aish’s Power of One Award.

Aish Earns Top Nominations for Jewish Community Hero

Pro-Israel activism and marriage classes top the list.

Conversion to Judaism

What of the non-Jew who wishes to convert to Judaism?

Hating Israel at UC Berkeley

Why Jessica Felber is suing the university and is concerned for Jewish students everywhere.

Next Big Jewish Idea

What are your ideas to help develop the Jewish community?

Aish.com's Top 10 of 2010

The articles and videos you don't want to miss.

One Incredible Week in Israel

Participants from around the world fly to Israel to study and tour with Aish.com.

Aish.com's Chanukah Reader

Stories, recipes, coloring pages, and a full "how-to" section.

Aish.com’s First Mission to Israel!

Participants from around the world fly to Israel to study and tour with Aish.com.

Learn Hebrew: Eilat

Israel’s southern port and popular tourist destination.

Our Jewish Hero

Help Lori win $25,000 to inspire Jewish women.

Learn Hebrew: Be’er Sheva

Exploring the capital of Israel’s Negev region.

Hating Israel on Facebook

Arabs try to launch a third Intifada. Stop the hate on Facebook.

Mostly Traditional Seder

Excellent recipes for a classic, traditional Seder.

Alternatively Traditional Seder

Recipes for the Seder with a little 'twist'!

Tasty Desserts

Ignore your diet… one day a week.


Fresh and steamy, that first bite is always the most delicious.

Song: "Oseh Shalom" - A Prayer for Peace

Singing about shalom, the most recognizable Hebrew word.

Song: "Mitzvah Gedola" - The Importance of Happiness

A song by Rabbi Nachman of Breslav for being happy -- all the time.

Song: "Kol Ha'olam Kulo" - Jewish Courage

Rabbi Nachman of Breslav teaches that the whole world is a narrow bridge, and the main thing is to not to fear.

Song: "Hiney Ma Tov" - Unity

How good it is to sit together in unity. From Psalms 133:1.

Song: "Ani Ma'min" - Faith in Redemption

From Maimonides' 13 Principles: The mission of perfecting the world is entirely in our hands.

Song: "Am Yisrael Chai" - Eternal Nation

The secret to the Jewish people's 4,000-year longevity.

Shabbat Fun for Kids

Tried-and-true ways to make Shabbat great for kids.

One Proud Jewish Soldier

An ambush in Iraq leaves his leg shattered. What he learned about God, life and the army.

Learning for a Loved One

The power of Mishnah study to raise the level of a departed soul.

10 Popular Passover Seder Songs

Enjoy these popular and classic Passover (Pesach) Seder songs with full audio and lyrics..

Dairy Lunches

Matzah Pizza, Lasange, and more!

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