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Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Rabbi Yissocher Frand is a senior lecturer at Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, MD. Raised in Seattle, Washington, he attended Ner Yisrael as a student and progressed to become a maggid shiur (lecturer). He is well known within the Orthodox Jewish community as a skilled orator and has given thousands of invited lectures over the past decades. Click here to purchase one of Rabbi Frand's books or CDs.

Parsha: The Truth Seekers

Parsha: Consider the Changes

Parsha: The National Heirloom

Parsha: Do Not Despair

Parsha: Expanded Borders

Parsha: Mother Birds

Parsha: Every Life is Precious

Parsha: Seeing Is Believing

Parsha: Manna From Heaven

Parsha: The Easy Commandment

Parsha: Money and the Kids

Parsha: The Covenant of Peace

Parsha: Threatening Moves

Parsha: News of Aharon’s Death

Parsha: Do It for the Children

Parsha: Subjective Proof

Parsha: That’s a Religious Jew

Parsha: Under Pressure

Parsha: The Blessing of Desolation

Parsha: The Perfect Antidote

Parsha: Inconsistent Defense

Parsha: Effective Rebuke

Parsha: The Stuff of Life

Parsha: Changing the Eye

Parsha: The Measure of Distinction

Parsha: The Sins at the Beginning

Parsha: Clean-up Work

Parsha: Hearing the Voice

Moses heard God's voice. The rest of the Jewish people were not attuned that frequency.

Parsha: Rejoice on the Final Day

Parsha: Mirrors of Faith and Hope

Parsha: Only the Landowners

Parsha: The Power of Tumim

Parsha: The Ark of the Oral Law

Parsha: The Problem Is In The Ear

Parsha: Financial Wisdom

Parsha: The Message of the Firstborn

Parsha: The Measure of Goodness

Parsha: True Greatness

Parsha: The Precious Final Moments

Parsha: Short and Sharp Rebuke

Parsha: Hanukkah All Over Again

Parsha: In the Spotlight

Parsha: The Name of the Angel

Parsha: The Up-and-Down Ladder

Parsha: Past and Present Love

Parsha: Avraham's Very Hard Day

Parsha: Refinement Without Fear

Parsha: Small Deeds, Great Rewards

Parsha: The Fruits of Indulgence

Parsha: Adam: A Work in Progress

The meaning of the name Adam defines the essence of what it means to be human.

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