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Rabbi Zvi Belovski

Rabbi Zvi Belovski is the Rav of the Golders Green Synagogue in London. He received Semicha from Gateshead Yeshivah and attended University College, Oxford. A popular speaker and counsellor, Rabbi Belovski is active in Jewish outreach; he teaches at the Jewish Learning Exchange (Ohr Somayach) and the London School of Jewish Studies, and serves as Rabbinic Mentor for British campus rabbis across the country. He is the author of Shem MiShmuel: Selections on the weekly parashah and festivals. His special areas of interest include the study of Midrash, contemporary Jewish Law, Polish Chassidic thought, and he is particularly interested in the writings of the Rebbes of Sochaczew and Ishbitz. Rabbi Belovski lives in Golders Green with his wife and family.

Parsha: The Tent of Sarah

Sarah’s tent was a microcosm of the Tabernacle.

Parsha: Pinchas and Kayin

The mystical connection between the two.

Parsha: Lag B'Omer: Community or Individual?

How could Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 students make such a terrible mistake?

Parsha: The Chashmonaim and the Miracle Oil

Understanding the error of the Chashmonaim.

Parsha: Why Do the Angels Eat?

Abraham’s uniqueness and the nature of eating.

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