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Azriel Hirsh Friedman

Azriel Hirsch Friedman was the founder of Conceptual Entertainment Ltd, a trend strategist advising multinational corporations and ad agencies in Russia and its republics. He went on to study at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, where he now lives with his wife and children.

My New Jewish Name

My quest to tap the essence of my soul.

Does Polite Equal Good?

How I unexpectedly discovered the key to genuine goodness.

Wedding Day Dreams

Know someone getting married? Give them this list and they'll thank you for life.

The Ancient Jewish Internet

The Jewish people always had a communication network stretching across the globe with a compatible language.

The Secret Formula

I spent six years marketing a parade of pleasures, only to find out that God throws theme parties all the time.

Getting Unstuck on Yom Kippur

God wants to help. Just ask Him.

6 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams

A practical system to prepare for Rosh Hashana.

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