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B.C. Wallin

B.C. Wallin is a Jewish writer, film buff, and Aish alumnus. His writing can be found on Alma, Polygon, Bright Wall/Dark Room, and Input, among others. He lives in New York with his wife and an ever-increasing pile of way too many books.

Judaism and the Multiverse

Insights from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once.


The 8 Biggest Jewish Moments In Oscar History

The Academy Awards celebrates the best in movies, and for almost 100 years, Jews have been killing it.

We Have to Talk About Charvona

Why do we have to remember the most forgettable guy in the whole Purim story?

I Prayed Alone in a Room for the Hostages in Texas. Over 200 Jews Joined Me

In a polarizing and disconnected world, we found a shared community, reading Psalms together in a Twitter Space.

The Most Culturally Significant Jewish Moments of 2021

How Kronk Became a Jewish Icon

A breakout character from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” is Disney’s new Jewish representative.

Ranking Every Single English Spelling of Chanukah. I Mean Hannukkah. Xanaqa?

It’s time to decide the best spelling, once and for all.

The Kyle Scheele Meale: Changing the World through TikTok, Cardboard and a Dream

The clever viral campaign shows the power of irrepressible creativity, taking initiative, and doing good for others, with a dash of marketing genius.

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