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Rabbi Pinchas Landis

Rabbi Pinchas Landis grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where his family was very active in their Conservative synagogue. After graduating from a performing arts high school, he traveled the country for a year as International B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO) President. Rabbi Landis has spent nine years learning at Yeshiva University, Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum College, and the Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He has also done postgraduate work towards a Masters in Community Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. He worked as a Jewish outreach professional in numerous cities and was the founder and congregational Rabbi of a kiruv shul in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rabbi Landis is currently the Director for Partners Cleveland with a mission to connect Jews from all backgrounds through the study of Torah. Rabbi Landis is a dynamic and fascinating teacher, who inspires his students with his exuberant personality and extensive knowledge of Jewish History. Rabbi Landis is also a featured speaker on TorahAnytime.com and has several podcasts on JewCast.com. Go to www.rabbilandis.com for more information.

The 21st President of the United States: Failure or Inspiration?

Some rank Chester Alan Arthur as one of the worst presidents of all time. I think his life story is exactly what we need to hear this Yom Kippur.

The Temple Mount through the Ages

A historical overview of the holiest spot on earth.

The Surge of Converts to Judaism in Ancient Rome

Why did so many non-Jews, even from the ranks of the Roman elite like Queen Helena and Nero, convert to Judaism?

Fiorello La Guardia’s Jewish Roots

The former New York City Mayor was one of Hitler’s most outspoken critics.

What’s Wrong with “Merry Christmas”?

A historical look of Jews and Christmas and the surprising origins of the greeting “Merry Christmas.”

The History of Hanukkah They Didn't Teach You in Hebrew School

Delving into the history of Hanukkah to understand the deeper meaning of the holiday.

Jews Changing Their Surname at Ellis Island

Why everything you've been told about the name changes at Ellis Island is a big, fat lie.

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