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How I Learned to Love the Multiverse

The idea of a multiverse has captivated humanity for thousands of years (including two current major films about it). Do many worlds actually exist? What are the implications if they do?

What Does It Mean To Be Good?

Most of us consider ourselves to be "good" but how do we truly know? Is there any objective standard? Dr. Massimo Pigliucci skillfully tackles this important question and others.

Atheist vs Rabbi: Is Life Meaningless?

Philosopher James Tartaglia believes that existence has no ultimate purpose. He also believes that there is an immaterial world beyond our own which "opens the door" for religious thinking. Can these two ideas co-exist?

What if Reality ISN'T Real?

Dr. Donald Hoffman has made the astounding discovery that everything that we experience through our senses is an illusion. Space and time do not exist and consciousness is the true building block of reality.

Science, Spirituality or Both?

Oxford physicist Chiara Marletto shares her thoughts on some of life's deepest mysteries and explores if there can be any true synergy with the spiritual way of considering them.

Probing Conversations between a Rabbi, Physicists, Psychologists, and Other Scientists

Scientific and Jewish beliefs are more compatible than you think. We sat down with leading world scientists and others to discover just how much we have in common

Bringing Science and Spirituality Together

Donald Hoffman, professor of Cognitive Science at UC Irvine, believes there is a great opportunity for science and spirituality to interact.

Doctor Discovers the Near Death Experiences are Real

Radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long began his investigation of Near Death Experiences as a skeptic. He now runs an organization that helps to demonstrate that many of these remarkable accounts are real.

They Dreamed the Same Dream for 30 Years

Audrey Cohen had the same horrible nightmare about the Holocaust for 30 years. Nothing could have prepared her for the bizarre discovery that her brother had been having the exact same dream.

Holocaust Souls Who Return: A Discussion With Sara Rigler

Hundreds of people claim to have had a previous life during the Holocaust. Many of them suffer inexplicable dreams and visions of terror and pain. A product of overactive imaginations or an indication of a hidden aspect of reality?

What Is Time?

Professor Rovelli and Rabbi Jacobs discuss the meaning of life. Are their positions too far to bridge?

Can Science Explain Why People Love Music?

How can it be that simple vibrations of the air can stir the human soul? What does science have to say about it?

A Physicist and a Rabbi Discuss Reality

Professor Rovelli says that he and the Rabbi are from "different tribes" when it comes to how they understand the meaning of life. Rabbi Jacobs begs to differ and thinks their positions are much closer than the professor thinks. Can these two approaches truly ever be resolved?

Is There Such Thing As "Now?"

We all seem to know what is meant by the term "now." The reality is that pinning down exactly when "now" is is surprisingly difficult. How might it change our thinking if there were no such thing?

Science, Faith and Mental Health: A Conversation with Erica Komisar and David DeSteno

Insights for today's confusing world, with the authors of Chicken Little the Sky Isn't Falling: Raising Resilient Adolescents in the New Age of Anxiety and How God Works: The Science Behind the Benefits.

Psychologist Discovers the Secret to Healing Loss

Talking with David DeSteno about the power of shiva, author of How God Works: The Science Behind the Benefits of Religion

Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Like Prayer?

Tanya Lurhman, an anthropologist who studies how human beings go about creating their experiences of the transcendent, discusses the therapeutic aspects in prayer.

Is Life Meaningless Without Free Will?

Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Uri Maoz joins Beyond Belief to explore what science has to say about the nature of Free Will.

Funding the Fight for Meaning: Talking with Templeton Foundation's President

John Templeton created a unique foundation dedicated to inspiring creativity, morality, and curiosity. Heather Templeton Dill discusses how one man turned riches into a life's mission to enrich humanity.

Are We Immortal? A Scientific View

A mind-blowing discussion with Dr. Frank J. Tipler, professor of Mathematics and Physics at Tulane University.

Overcoming Failure Through Science

Did science create optimism? A discussion with Professor of Neuroscience at Columbia University, Dr. Stuart Firestein.

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid

A candid, In-depth discussion with Michal Oshman, who despite being consumed by anxiety and fears, has held leadership positions at major corporations including Facebook and TikTok.

Logic, Darwin and God

Exploring some astounding discoveries of modern science that impact Darwinian model of evolution, with Michael Behe, a Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University.

The Search for Life on Other Planets

Are we getting closer to discovering life on other planets? And what would it mean if we did? A conversation with Bill Diamond, CEO of SETI Institute.

Talking with Renowned Physicist Brian Greene: Life, Meaning and the End Of the World

Bestselling author and theoretical physicist Brian Greene joins Beyond Belief to explore the human quest for meaning as well as other topics, including his most recent book, "Until the End of Time" called "encyclopedic in its ambition and its erudition" by the New York Times.

State of the Art: A Shmooze with Jews in TV and Film

Is there room for good art in today's media? What about making the world a better place? Join this frank and open discussion with four highly successful Jewish TV and film creatives.

The Order of Time: Conversation with Physicist Carlo Rovelli

Unpacking the nature of Time from a scientific and a theological perspective.

Is israel the Solution? A Conversation with Ambassador Michael Oren

Despite adversity, controversy and intense opposition, Israel has emerged as a force for good for the region and, in some ways, as a world leader. Is it positioned to become the next global superpower?

The Crypto-Jews: The Story of a Slow Awakening

Meet four people of Latin descent in four different stages of their discovery of their Jewish roots and the remarkable story of the end point of the 500-year journey of a hidden community.

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