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Yael Trusch

Yael Trusch is an MBA, Wealth Coach, Keynote, Host of the award-winning podcast, Jewish Latin Princess. She’s the creator of the financial transformation program, G-d Wants You to Be Rich, in Spanish and English, teaching women to build wealth, and become great custodians of that wealth. Dubbed by her podcast guests and listeners "the Jewish Oprah", Yael is an insightful, honest, and sensitive communicator, who helps her audience live a 'joyful, richer Jewish life.’ Her Jewish financial advice has been featured in main stream and Jewish media. A wife, mother of 4, and native of Puerto Rico, Yael has globe trotted from New York to Argentina, to Chile, to China, to Israel, and back.

Profit with Purpose

How do we find the place where the two intersect? And which one should we focus on first?

Your Best Investment: Judaism’s Financial Advice

Judaism’s system to protect your wealth and ensure your return on your investment.

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