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Akiva Taubenblat

Akiva “Hai” Taubenblat is a singer-songwriter musician currently teaching in our academic leadership programs. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Akiva has traveled far and wide sharing his many talents and devoting time to being a leader for Jewish Youth. After spending three years in yeshiva in Israel, he moved to Las Vegas to work for NCSY/JSU and teach in the local Jewish day school. Akiva returned to Jerusalem to further his own growth, and is now teaching, as well as mentoring students at Aish HaTorah. He also runs a Jewish Q's and A's forum for thousands of people around the world, and is the co-founder of the Aish Yeshiva Band. Akiva can be found performing live on an almost weekly basis within the walls of Aish Jerusalem, attracting hundreds of people from various backgrounds, inspiring passion and building connections through music.

Why Do Jews Wear a Kippah?

4 ways wearing a kippah is like a wedding ring.

Why Do Jews Pray Three Times a Day?

One answer lies in the three key moments that can help make or break a basketball player’s spirit.

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