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Elimor Ryzman

Elimor Ryzman has over ten years’ experience in teaching, lecturing and inspiring women from all over the world. From educating high school girls to lecturing Kallot and woman, Elimor is able to enthrall and engage a crowd with her passion and love. Her devotion to each and every one of her students is unique and everlasting. She believes that student success and personal growth is created through meaningful relationships. Upon Elimor’s completion of the Michlala seminary in Jerusalem, she studied at Stern College for Woman, NYU School of Occupational Therapy, and at Ridman University for the study of holistic care. Elimor is a member of the PUAH Cares team and also received a certificate as a Yoetzet Bakehilla from the PUAH Organization. She is currently on the board of EVEN LA, a Los Angeles based organization that focuses on woman, Taharat Hamishpacha, and preserving the Jewish home. Elimor hosts and founded what is the known in LA as the “Matriarch Event”, a luncheon for the senior woman of the community. This magnificent event, under the auspices of Bikur Cholim of Los Angeles, takes place bi-monthly and before the major Jewish holidays.

Healing Division: The Jewish People's Strength

Like today, the Jews were disunited in the time of Haman. Queen Esther understood our victory depends on being united.

Your Face is a Walking Menorah

Through compassionate use of your ears, eyes and words, you can illuminate the world.

Why Our Children Cry

Because they have someone to cry to.

The Hidden Message in Hinei Ma Tov

Jewish unity despite our differences is a prerequisite for accepting the Torah. How do we attain it?

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