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Tzachi Rosman, Psy.D.

Tzachi Rosman, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of issues related to addiction, trauma, and self-esteem. Since 2008, Tzachi has worked at VA Hudson Valley HCS in Montrose, NY serving as Staff Psychologist on the hospital’s residential Substance Abuse and PTSD units. Tzachi has a private practice in Teaneck, NJ, enjoys writing articles about Mental Health, and free-building Lego sculptures. He can be reached at yrosmanpsyd@gmail.com

The Many Faces of Addiction

Don’t shun the addict. Embrace the human being struggling with addiction.

Reacting to Trauma

A psychologist on understanding the various responses to trauma.

Losing Weight While Gaining Perspective

Some helpful thoughts on my weight loss journey.

Living a Meaningful Life during the Pandemic

How we choose to deal with pain determines our quality of life.

Alcohol, Parenting and the Pandemic

Alcohol consumption is up. Of particular concern is the impact on children.

Anger: What Lies Beneath

Weathering the storm begins with understanding the forecast.

Mental Health: Why It’s Sometimes Hard to Seek Help

It is easier to ask for help once you debunk the stigma.

Anxiety: Living with the Crippling Effect of Endless Possibilities

Helping anxious people starts with a proper understanding of their mindset.

The Ugly Duckling in Quarantine: Why I Don't Want Your Inspiring Message

For some people, those motivational items you're sharing have the opposite impact.

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