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Rabbi Shmuel Kraines

R’ Shmuel Kraines, son of the late Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines of Ohr Somayach Sandton, grew up in South Africa and studied in Yeshivas Ateres Yisrael in Jerusalem. Following marriage, he continued his studies in various Kollelim in Modiin Ilit for another nine years. He then widened his focus of Torah study to include learning, teaching, and writing. He lives with his family in Modi’in Ilit.


The Song of the Cat

Even your feline friend has a song. Listen and become inspired.


The Song of the Sun

Exploring Judaism's spiritual depth of the sun.


The Song of the Pomegranate

The deeper significance of this Rosh Hashana fruit.


The Song of the Grapevine

Contemplate the Jewish symbolism of the grapevine and its wine.


The Song of the Ocean

Comprehending the music of the roaring sea.


The Song of the Fish

Plunge to the ocean’s depths and listen to its song.


The Song of the Dog

A deeper look into the heart of the world’s favorite pet.


The Song of the Deer

Examining the deer and its daily flight for survival.


The Song of the Horse

Contemplating the horse’s vitality and service.


The Song of the Lion

The meaning of his song is more powerful than its roar.


The Song of the Ant

Studying the habits of the busiest creature on earth.


The Song of the Dove

Understanding the coo of the dove.


The Song of the Beasts of the Field

Examining the wonders of wild animals.


The Song of the Elephant

Examining the wonders of the elephant.

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