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Shira Cohen-Regev

Shira Cohen-Regev has a Masters Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Child Development and Social Work. She taught and tutored Hebrew as a Second Language both online and in academic settings. She is currently employed by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Learn Hebrew: Celebrating Shavuot

A holiday of giving and receiving.

Learn Hebrew: Pirkei Avot

Words of wisdom from the second century Sages.

Learn Hebrew: Holocaust Memorial Day

Remembering Anne Frank and the 6 million victims.

Learn Hebrew: Spring Renewal

Revisiting the Carmel Forest fire, at this Passover season.

Learn Hebrew: Dolphins

Israel's intelligent, friendly and playful aquatic creatures.

Learn Hebrew: The Carmel Forest

A story about the power of nature and of human generosity.

Learn Hebrew: Migrating Birds

Israel is the world capital for migrating birds.

Learn Hebrew: Olives

The symbol of peace, light and longevity.

Learn Hebrew: The Russians!

One million immigrants have changed the face of Israel.

Learn Hebrew: Cats

The most popular pet in the world.

Learn Hebrew: Zion

The Jewish dream of return to our land.

Learn Hebrew: Passover

The most exciting night of the Jewish year.

Learn Hebrew: Purim

Celebrating our deliverance from the clutches of evil.

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