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Saudi Arabia’s New Torture Techniques

Jewlarious has obtained a leaked document of alternate torture methods under discussion by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An Open letter to Kim Jung Un

Sony may be afraid of you, but Jewlarious is not.

Arab League Sanctions Syria, Crushes Windpipes

“The press in the Arab world is free to criticize Syria -- and only Syria!”

Jimmy Carter Apologizes for Stealing Arbeit Macht Frei Sign

Former President calls theft “the single biggest mistake of my career, outside of running for a second term.”

Tiger Woods Loses $100 Million Shekels in Israeli Endorsements

Bamba, Bisli and Meir’s Dry-cleaning among corporate defectors.

Tabloid Media Celebrates Life of Robert McNamara

Mourners gather at Dept. of Planning, Programming and Budgeting Systems.

Jewlarious Times Special Edition: Crisis in Iran

The Mullahs have ejected all foreign journalists from reporting inside Iran. Except one – Jewlarious.

Netanyahu Returns from Washington with "Prime Ministerial Donkey"

"Sheppy" to live on Netanyahu's balcony.

Egyptian Investors Caught-Up In Massive Pyramid Scheme

Five Thousand Year Old Deceit Uncovered

U.N. Demands Israel Supply Electricity, Rockets, to Hamas

Says Middle East violence won't end until Israel gives rockets to Hamas terrorists for use on Israeli citizens.

Yachupitzville Development Project Opens to Little Fanfare

Jewish developer saddened by complete lack of interest.

Earth-like Planet Discovered; Residents Rabidly Anti-Semitic

Planet with no Jews, blames Jews for their problems

Iranian President Puts Forward Middle East Peace Plan

Announces another "gift to the West."

Kiss Me, I'm Polish

My quest to become a Polish citizen reminded me who I really am.

Moishe and Me

My Jewish dog reminds me to be a mensch.

Jimmy Carter Accuses Israel of Being Democracy

Ex-President demands Israeli government end its occupation of Israel.

Pedro Martinez takes Stand; Refuses to Pitch on Yom Kippur

May not be able to pitch on the first days of Sukkos or Simchas Torah.

Bashar Speaks

An exclusive interview with Bashar Assad.

Record 64 Pound Gefilte Fish Caught in Minnesota Lake

Over-Gefilte-Fishing Sparks Greenpeace Cry for Gefilte-Fishing Moratorium

Gibson Divorce Turns Ugly

Actor demands his Nazi memorabilia

Recession Rocks Israel's Fig Market

Tu Bishvat Revelers Decided to Consume Cheap Almonds Instead

Bishop Williams: I'm Sorry...Kind of

Jewlarious has got an advanced copy of Richard Williams "apology." You are going to want to read this.

Egyptians use Stimulus Package to Build New Pyramids

Public Works Unseen Since 1070 BCE

Oil Prices So Low, Arab Nations Consider Educating Youth

Terror organizations to hold massive car wash

Arab League Convenes Emergency Meeting to Make Enormous Mistake

Mistake yet to be determined, but members hope it will be one of their best yet.

The Frozen Chosen

The untold story of Israel's Olympic bobsled team.

The Olympics in Israel

An interview with the man spearheading an ambitious bid for the 2016 Summer Games.

Jimmy Carter and Khaled Meshal Wed in Secret Damascus Ceremony

Carter: "I married the political wing of the movement, not the terrorist wing."

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