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Mr. Charlie Harary, Esq. is a prolific speaker who has traveled all over the country and abroad speaking for organizations, schools, universities and institutions on a variety of topics and to audiences of various sizes and affiliations. He has created dozens of videos that have received worldwide attention reaching hundreds of thousands of people in over 15 countries. Mr. Harary is the CEO of H3 Capital LLC, a private equity company based in New York. Prior to H3 Capital, Mr. Harary was the First Vice President of Residential Operations and Legal Counsel of RXR Realty, a multi-billion dollar Real Estate Company based in New York. Prior to RXR, Mr. Harary was an associate in Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison and Davis Polk & Wardwell. He received his J.D. from Columbia Law School where he was awarded the James Kent Scholar and the Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. Mr. Harary is an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Syms School of Business in Yeshiva University. He is also a Senior Lecturer for the Orthodox Union, Aish Hatorah and NCSY. In addition, he is an active community leader. He is the founder and president of Milvado Inc., an organization that develops innovative methods to teach spirituality in relevant and modern ways. He is a member of the Executive Board of the OU as well as the Founding Chairman of its Young Leadership Cabinet. He is also a member of the Conference of Young Jewish Presidents.


Charlie Harary on Tisha B’Av: A Day of Yearning, Not Sadness

The point of Tisha B'Av is to focus on what life would be like with the presence of God in it.


Freedom Can’t Wait: A Charlie Harary Passover Video

Later is the first step to never.


Charlie Harary on the Passover Seder

A 40-min class delving into the contemporary meaning of Passover.

Stop Multitasking and Go All-In

Mastering the art of the crossover in basketball and in life.

Carrot, Egg, or Coffee: Growing From Adversity

When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond?

Why Resolutions Fail

Real change requires strategic use of self-discipline.

Three Lessons for Success from Marathon Training

How imagination, habits and getting outside your comfort zone are crucial to growth.


What Does It Take to be a True Hero?

An inspiring Charlie Harary video.


#TheAskCharlie Show: Finding Your Purpose

Do you want to find your purpose in life? Chances are you’ve been looking for it in all the wrong places.


#TheAskCharlieShow: How to Forgive

Forgiveness benefits the victim more than the perpetrator. Three practical steps to not only move past negativity but to use it to better your life.


#TheAskCharlieShow: How Do I Become More Innovative?

Three practical steps to help you become more innovative.


#TheAskCharlieShow: How Do I Unblock Myself?

How to remove three common obstacles preventing our success.


#TheAskCharlieShow: How to Resist Temptations

Why temptations are so hard to overcome and how you can make more rational choices.


#TheAskCharlieShow: How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Three practical tips.


#TheAskCharlieShow: Traits of Uber-Productive People

5 ways that successful people control their time and work smarter, not just harder, to accomplish their goals.


#TheAskCharlieShow: How to Keep Resolutions

Only 8% keep their resolutions. Three effective tips to get you on the path to achieving your goals.


#TheAskCharlieShow: Perfection and Procrastination

Strategies for perfectionists to overcome procrastination and pull the trigger.


#TheAskCharlieShow: Balancing Time

How do you balance working hard and having a family? Three tips to juggling your life and business.


#TheAskCharlieShow: Constructive Criticism

5 tips on how to give constructive criticism.


Hanukkah: Fighting the Darkness with Light

The Hanukkah battle isn’t over. We fight with light.


Why 13 Is the Age for a Bar Mitzvah

Celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, Charlie Harary’s son explains what it means to become a man.


Take The Shot

The only failure is not trying.


Choosing Freedom

Most of the Israelites didn’t leave Egypt. How do we become free?


Hear O Israel

Understanding the wisdom of Judaism's most important prayer. An Aish.com Film

Charlie Harary on Change

A 10-part audio series on how to really attain spiritual growth.


Yom Kippur: Coming Clean

Try your best, and God takes you all the way.


Passover: You’re Never Alone

God’s first message at Mount Sinai reminds us that He’s always here.

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

Sandy brought her game. Now it’s time to bring ours.


Vertical Success: Lessons from the Gym

Are you on the path to attain true success?


The Meaning of Kaddish

The message of the Kaddish prayer - remembering your mission in this world.


Chuppah: Why the Tent?

The first model Jewish home.


Envisioning Freedom

Why was the first Seder celebrated when we were still slaves in Egypt?


Jewish Weddings and Wine

The secret to a Jewish marriage is hidden in the wine.


Yom Kippur: Partner Track

Does God really care about the nuances of my life?

Controlling Irene

Lessons learned from the super-storm.


All for One

Tisha B'av and the secret of Jewish unity.


Six Constant Mitzvos #6: Indulge?

Who's in control: Your mind or your heart?


Six Constant Mitzvos: Why Fear God?

Respect is the foundation of every relationship.


Six Constant Mitzvos: Committing to Love

How can we be commanded to love God?


Six Constant Mitzvos: Meet Your Bad Angel

What does the Oneness of God mean?


The Six Constant Mitzvos: Relevance of Idol Worship

Is there anything bigger than me and my needs?


The Six Constant Mitzvos: Know there is a God

How to build a relationship with God.


The Six Constant Mitzvos: Introduction

The building blocks of our relationship with God. How to apply and live with them.



Love comes in many guises.


Yom Kippur: Everyone Falls

It's getting up afterwards that matters.


Rosh Hashanah: What's Love Got to Do With It?

A surprising way to prepare for the High Holidays.


Tisha B'Av: The Root of Destruction

The meaning behind the tears.


Reach for the Quarter

Why God loves charity.


Stepping Up

Purim and your unique role in life.


Burn Your Bridge

How to tap into your potential.

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