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Gitta Bixenspanner is a certified nutritionist who lives in Montreal with her husband. She teaches high school, seminary and give inspiring adult education classes in Jewish topics. As a certified nutritionist she gives cooking seminars, the main purpose being to teach people to adopt healthier lifestyles in keeping with the mitzvah of taking care of our bodies. Gitta Bixenspanner just released her brand new cookbook KOSHER CLASSICS now arriving to your favorite bookstores. This magnificently illustrated book takes you on a tour around the Jewish year with recipes and customs appropriate for every month. A must addition to your cookbook selections as it is a delight to the eyes. https://www.israelbookshoppublications.com/store/pc/Kosher-Classics-Cookbook-6p1036.htm

Apples and Honey Desserts

Delicious desserts for any occasion, and perfect for festive meals between Rosh Hashanah and Simchat Torah.

Quick Cold-Weather Recipes

Heartwarming dishes to keep your family warm and cozy.

Meals in a Bowl

Very filling, delicious and a great way to save time.

Purim Menu – From the Traditional to the Exotic

Exciting dishes to serve family and friends.

Tu B’Shvat Fruit Recipes

A wide variety of scrumptious dishes incorporating sweet and tangy fruits.

Hearty Nourishing Soups

There’s nothing like a hot soup to warm you up when it’s freezing outside.

Easy Dinners for the Weight Conscious

Healthy, gluten-free entrees for dinner.

Chicken Soup: Jewish Penicillin for the Flu Season

A variety of chicken soups to combat the cold.

Kugels and Yom Tov Specialties, Easy to Freeze

Three delicious kugels and the decadent Hungarian Golden Dumpling Coffee Cake that’s worth all the effort.

Creative Rosh Hashanah Cuisine

Spice up your new year with these delectable dishes.

No Toil Foil Packet BBQ Dinners

A super easy and delicious way to cook chicken, beef and fish.

Non-Meat Recipes for the Nine Days

Here are some delicious menu ideas for the Nine Days that your entire family will enjoy.

Tasty Meat Menu for Shavuot

A complete menu, including fish, soup, entrée, side dishes and dessert.

Delightful Dairy Menu for Shavuot

Enhance your Yom Tov with these delicious dairy recipes.

Principles of Clean Eating

Light and fresh meals for Spring.

Refreshing Spring Recipes

Cooking with nature’s bountiful offering at this time of the year.

Kosher for Passover Zoodles

Tantalizing vegetable recipes for Passover.

Simple Passover Recipes

Keep it simple and delicious.

Yummy Gluten-Free Recipes

My five favorite gluten-free dishes, simple to make and super healthy.

Fruit Desserts for Tu B’Shvat

Celebrate the holiday with these scrumptious, fruity desserts.

Light and Dairy

Easy to make, no fuss dishes to enhance your dairy selections.

Traditional and Creative Latkes for Chanukah

Plus a few other festive dishes.

Cooking with Health Enhancing Spices for Winter

Garlic, turmeric and cinnamon, oh my!

Budget Friendly Recipes

Delight your family with these light and simple dishes that are budget friendly and easy to prepare.

Apple and Honey Delights: Desserts for Rosh Hashanah

Spruce up your Yom Tov meal with these easy-to-make, sweet and yummy cakes. They freeze well too.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

It’s easy to make, healthier and better tasting.

Cheese Cakes Galore

This Shavuot, impress your guests with this dazzling array of cheesecakes to suit every palate.

Easy and Delicious Passover Recipes

Keep it simple with these family favorites.

Creative Purim Dishes

From triangle sushi to onion-filled challah.

Beautiful Buffet Spread

Perfect for a Sunday brunch or Melaveh Malka.

Hanukkah: Latkes and Finger Foods

A magnificent and easy to make buffet.

For Weeknight Dinners

Simple and yummy.

Recipes for Autumn

Take advantage of the best vegetable this season has to offer.

Back to School Breakfasts

Start your family’s day right with a nutritious breakfast to help boost their energy.

Refreshing Summer Smoothies

9 delicious, healthy options.

Superlative Shavuot Dairy Menu

Creamy, simple and delicious soup and desserts.

Delicious Tofu Recipes

From stir fry to cheese cake.

Fish Dishes for Pisces

In honor of the zodiac sign for Pisces, here are a variety of fish dishes to suit every taste.

Celebrating Hanukkah the Lean Way

8 salads for 8 days, because a salad a day keeps your weight at bay.

Meals on a Stick

Spice up your Yom Tov meals with all types of fun and funky skewers.

Delectable Meals in 30 Minutes

Quick dinners for today’s fast paced world.

Tantalizing Tomatoes

Fresh and simple recipes.

Easy Cool Summer Dishes

Light delicious fare super easy to make.

Shavuot Cheese Treats Extravaganza

From the simple to the divine.

Lavish Lag B’Omer Buffet

Delightful salads to accompany your favorite BBQ meat, chicken or turkey.

8 Passover Salads

How many eggs and potatoes can we eat in one week? Try these light and healthy salads.

Festive Tu B’Shvat Fruit Menu

Celebrate the bounty of Tu B’Shvat with these delectable, fruity recipes.

Rosh Hashanah Menu

Recipes for a sweet New Year.

Eat Green, Stay Lean

Easy barbequed dishes served over healthy salads.

Savoring Summer Bounty

Enjoy the abundant fruits and vegetables in every taste and color used in these recipes.

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