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Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

Slovie Jungreis Wolff is a noted teacher, author, relationships and parenting lecturer. She is the leader of Hineni Couples and daughter of Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis. Slovie is the author of the parenting handbook, Raising A Child With Soul. She gives weekly classes and has lectured throughout the U.S.,Canada, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa. You can reach slovie at sloviehineni@gmail.com

Four Marriage Boosters

It is never too late to rekindle the passion and love in your marriage.

Raising Confident Children

We cannot shield our children from hard work and eventual disappointments. The same goes for parenting.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

How to nurture the bonds that keep the two of you together.

The 7-Day Love Challenge

7 pieces of Jewish wisdom to build a stronger marriage.

Spoiled Child Syndrome

How to make sure you’re not raising a brat.

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Soul Mate

A few thoughts on how to better navigate the dating scene.

Tiger Mom’s Racial Theory

No race has the monopoly on success. But here’s the most important key to raising successful kids.

How Happy is Your Marriage?

How to rate your relationship and strengthen your marriage.

4 Ways to Find Inner Joy

‘Tis the season to battle a touch of the blues.

7 Ways to Keep Your Love Strong

Marriage is a lifelong project of building love.

Cruel Children

Shaking off our indifference to bullying.

Kids with No Patience

Teaching our kids patience, anticipation, and humility in today’s hassle-free world.

Why Older Couples Divorce

3 ways to protect your marriage and keep it strong.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child Respect

How to build an atmosphere of respect in your home.

Raising Millennials

How to instill empathy and sensitivity in an age of narcissism and entitlement.

Stop the Complaining

How to overcome negativity.

The Angry Child

10 tips to empower parents.

Hot News!

Lessons from being hacked.

Singing from a Narrow Place

My father taught me the joy of singing in the wake of adversity.

Ben Affleck on Marriage

A good marriage takes work. Even in Hollywood.

CPR for Marriage

3 ways to revive your love.

Lance Armstrong’s Apology

How to properly say you’re sorry.

Raising Resilient Children

Teaching children to prevail over tragedies like Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy.

Slovie’s Hurricane Sandy Diary

A personal glimpse into a world turned upside down.

Jewish Kids Gone Wild

Have we given up teaching our children how to be a mensch?

5 Parenting Goals for Every Family

How to ensure your children have a productive year.

Teaching Kids about the High Holidays

Practical ways to transmit the beauty of our heritage.

3 Keys to Spiritual Growth

Don’t get discouraged this Rosh Hashanah.

Why Divorce

Five common relationship blunders that divorcees learned the hard way.

Bullying Grandma on the Bus

Karen Huff Klein teaches us a valuable lesson for The Three Weeks.

Mothers at Work

Are we fulfilling our unique mission, despite the demands in our lives?

Why the Chutzpah?

Parents who undermine each other bring disrespect home.

Being Mom Enough

Is Time magazine over the line with its cover photo of a mother breastfeeding her toddler son?

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage on Your Own

Even if your spouse won’t get help, you can still strengthen your marriage. Here’s how.

A Marine's Final Gift

A Bronze Star hero demonstrates genuine strength in an unexpected way.

The Facebook Parent: A Response

How to really help your troubled teen.

Raising Compassionate Kids

How to teach children to be more caring and sensitive.

Happy Together

5 ways to bring friendship back into marriage.

Mommy, Daddy, Stop Fighting

Four points a child wished her parents knew about fighting.

It's My Fault

Three words that changed everything.

My Yom Kippur Resolution

I cringe thinking how much aggravation I caused this woman.

Love Insurance

Three steps to protect the most important investment of your life.

Abba, Where Are You?

I'll never forget the day we found out my father had cancer.

How to Stop Fighting

Four ways for couples to create an atmosphere of peace.

6 Keys to Outsmart Stress

Simple steps to reclaim your life.

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