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M. Gary Neuman

New York Times best-selling author M. Gary Neuman is a psychotherapist, rabbi, and author of seven books on the topics of marriage and divorce. There are over one million copies of Gary's books in print. He is creator of Neuman Method's Creating Your Best Marriage video program. He has appeared over 50 times on the Today show, a dozen times on the Oprah Winfrey show as well as on NBC Dateline, the Katie Couric show, Steve Harvey, Good Morning America and the View. Oprah referred to Gary as, "One of the best psychotherapists in the world," when she had him on her Most Memorable Guests show. Gary and his work have been featured in People, Time, Parents, Parenting, Cosmo, Redbook, O as well as in newspapers including Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and Wall Street Journal. Gary developed the Sandcastles Program, a group experience for children of divorce mandated in many divorce courts. Over 300,000 children have completed the Sandcastles program internationally. He lives with his wife and children on Miami Beach, Florida. Visit www.NeumanMethod.com.

Shrinks on the Street: Appreciating Your Spouse

Shifting the focus to gratitude and positivity.

Shrinks on the Streets: Happy Marriages Require Spending Time with Your Spouse

The amount of time you spend with your spouse is critical for a happy marriage.

The Need to Make Your Kids Happy is Destroying Them

We want to teach our children to live a life of meaning and success, not just be happy.

Emotional Infidelity

Protect your marriage by avoiding friendships with members of the opposite sex.

Date Night In Marriage

How to make it work for you.

The #1 Tip to Change Your Marriage Instantly

Appreciation is the most common item missing in marriages. And the easiest way to improve your relationship.

The Good/Bad Lies in Marriage

Is it ever okay to lie to your spouse?

#1 Most Important Thing to Change Your Marriage

How to make the biggest instant impact on your marriage.

Keeping Marriage Fresh

How to retain that first spark of excitement in marriage.

Appreciating Your Spouse

Why does my husband keep telling me all the things he does for me?

When A Spouse Changes

I want to be religious and my wife doesn't. What should I do?

Spouse vs. Kids

Your marriage comes before your kids.

No Time for Marriage

When childrearing and life get in the way of marriage.

Putting Marriage First

Why we avoid the real work of marriage.

The Male Mind

Three keys to understanding your man.

Lessons from Successful Marriages

Diminish the negative and accentuate the positive.

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