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Natalie Menaged

Since 2006, Natalie Menaged has been on the management team of Hasbara Fellowships, serving as Managing Director, National Director, and now as Director of Education. In her current capacity, Natalie oversees the Hasbara Fellowships curriculum and campaigns, activism training programs in Israel, leadership development, public relations, and other strategic initiatives. Natalie was a participant on the very first Hasbara Fellowships and was the founder and president of Gators for Israel at the University of Florida. She was extensively involved in university and state politics, as well as the Jewish community, during her time at UF. Upon graduation Natalie worked for Hasbara Fellowships as a Campus Coordinator, and then studied in Israel. With her husband Eli, Natalie was active in Jewish education and outreach in Brooklyn for many years. The Menaged family recently made aliyah to join the Israel XP program at Bar-Ilan University, where they look forward to continuing their work in Jewish education and Israel advocacy.

Israel Peace Week 2012

How to effectively counter Israeli Apartheid Week on campus.

Israel Peace Week 2011

As anti-Israel propaganda increases on university campuses, pro-Israel student leaders are communicating the truth about Israel.

Universities Aflame

Jewish students gear up to battle Israel Apartheid Week, an annual hate-inspired phenomenon that is spreading at an alarming rate.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg: A Leader of Movements

Rabbi Weinberg's belief in the power of the individual empowered thousands to make a difference.

The Battle on Campus

As anti-Israel propaganda on campus increases in new and alarming ways, defenders of Israel must face their opponents head on.

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