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Melanie Chartoff

Melanie Chartoff, best known for characters she created on “Fridays,” “Seinfeld,” “Newhart,” and “Rugrats,” has been published in McSweeney's, Medium, The Jewish Journal, Funny Times, Jewlarious, and in three editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul (Simon and Schuster). “Odd Woman Out: Essays and Stories," her first book, launches Feb. 2, 2021. She recently became a wife and stepmother and god grandmother.

My Mother's Mouth

After years of having my mother take me to the dentist, I was finally able to return the favor.

Recipe for a Time Machine

Eating the food of my youth turns me into a kid again.

Moses and the ETablets

Apple’s newly released iPad is getting a lot of hype, but I’m not convinced.

Is the Dreidel Dead?

With all of our high tech toys, have we forgotten about the simple ones?

The Meshuganeh Mensch

I'm a nice person. But I'm on a mission to be even nicer.

My Ma Spa

I spent my vacation at Ma’s retirement home. And left a new woman…her and me!

A Chutzpah Mitzvah

Some people think kids have gotten lazy. But the kids I know are business mavens. Maybe some of their skills will rub off on me.

Kvelch for a Day!

I have bupkes to brag about. And that sounds like I'm bragging.

Parker Jewish Can't Lose

I may just have been destined to star as the "evil" principal Ms. Musso on Fox's hit sit-com "Parker Lewis Can't Lose."

An Election First!

What if they made election history by electing America's first Orthodox Jewish President?

The Compulsion to Coupon

There was no one more frugal than my dad. And we loved him for it

The Writers Strike Back

In support of the Writer's Guild, I attended a really convenient rally.

An L.A. Latke Lament

Too many of us are losing our Jewish roots. Even the Latke is assimilating.

On the Nose

A freak accident caused me to lose my sense of smell. Bereft of smell, I was "smeft."

Spare Time!?

I like to work. What can I say? So I put myself to work finding a new hobby.

Confessions of a Laugh Addict

It's true -- I am addicted to laughs. But to the old fashioned kind.

I Was a Soupy Groupie

My lunch with comedian Soupy Sales is one I'll always remember.

Trading Lives with Larry David

Taking on Larry's life for a summer -- along with his neighbor Kenny "Kramer" -- made me appreciate my own.

My Life as a Jewish Cartoon

Playing a Jewish cartoon character on "Rugrats" taught me about who I am in real life.

The Matzohrella Fella

My dad could put a twist on just about every Jewish food. It was great for his soul, but not for his heart.

The Art of Napping

I come from a long line of nappers. After all, my people mastered the Day of Rest.

An Andy Kaufman Story

What really happened on that infamous episode of "Fridays"? An insider finally reveals the truth.

Remembering Manichewitz

I remember the days when there was only one kosher wine -- Manichewitz. How sweet those days were…

Step Bubbiehood

As a middle aged girlfriend, I'd like to skip Step Motherhood and go straight to Step Bubbiehood.

Confessions of a Romantic Cynic

After all these years, have I finally found the "one"?

Baby Boomer-angs

If Moses lived to 120, we baby boomers are just getting started.

Golden Rule-ing

The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves. But what if your neighbor is a dog?

Uncommon Scents

Certain smells used to bring back memories. But with the world now overrun with false fragrances I fear I will no longer remember anything.

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