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The Lessons Menachem Begin Left Us

As Israel prepares for a change in leadership, a new documentary film on one of the country's founding fathers is a reminder of what his successors can learn from him.

Anti-Semitism Gets you Fired by Labour, but Hired by NYT

What does a new editor at The New York Times have in common with two of Jeremy Corbyn's most prominent supporters? A willingness to spread anti-Semitic myths.

Outrage over Floyd's Murder Doesn't Justify Intersectional Myths

Jews share the pain of those who protest racism. But extremists who link this crime to Israel's efforts to defend itself against Palestinian terror are spreading a big lie.

Does Media Bias Against Israel Still Matter?

The slanted headlines and stories by The New York Times are important not because they turn most Americans against Israel, but because they influence Jewish opinion.

Too Afraid to Go to Shul

The answer to Jew-hatred is Jewish pride.

Jews and Poles Don’t Have to Be Enemies

It is inaccurate to say “Polish death camps” but the new law is an attempt to deny any complicity and the long history of Polish anti-Semitism.

Who Is Responsible for the Shuafat Refugee Camp?

Shuafat is an awful place, but people are there because the Arab world and its leaders have kept them there for 68 years.

Support Freedom in Iran

Is Ahmadinejad's "victory" good for Israel?

Star Trek and God

Sci-fi fun often ignores the tough questions about human existence.

Top Ten Myths about the Middle East Conflict

So much of the American press is steeped in sheer ignorance. Debunking these misconceptions with facts is a good start.

Other People's Prayers

Respect is a two-way street.

Hijacking Chanukah

Chanukah is the last holiday into which we should be trying to shoehorn unrelated themes.

When the Few Activated the Many

Honoring Soviet Jewry movement should not lead to an orgy of self-congratulation.

Command of the Sea

A Jewish captain leads Navy's "Truman" into action.

It's Not a Parlor Game!

Assigning blame for Annapolis summit's probable failure presents clear danger.

Choosing Between Courage and Despair

The divide between the mass of Israelis who are deeply patriotic and the elites who have lost faith is a critical issue.

Making Room for Moderates

The vicissitudes of genuine Muslim moderates.

"Flying Imams" and Reichstags

"If you see something, say something." Prudent action or racist fear-mongering?

Quo Vadis Vatican?

Reviving the Latin mass without first eliminating the anti-Jewish language gives tacit encouragement to those who wish to return to the demonization of Jews.

No Way to Promote Israel

A photo spread in ‘Maxim' highlights dangerous fallacy about promoting Israel.

Academic Mafia

Scholars sympathetic to Israel and critical of radical Islam are treated as pariahs in Middle East studies.

Affording Jewish Day Schools

A long overdue program to lower day school costs gives hope for the future.

Defeat the Lies

Solzhenitsyn's example ought to remind us of the perils of indifference to tyranny.

'Tough Love' for Israel?

Latest push for pressure to sustain futile peace process has little to do with reality.

Skeleton in the Palestinian Closet

The Mufti of Jerusalem's Nazi ideology lives on among contemporary Islamists.

Leave Hitler Alone?

Rethinking America's 'good war' is a not so subtle attack on our current struggles.

Real Friends and Real Enemies

Presbyterian Israel-bashing shows how Jews are clueless about Christian groups.

Rediscovering the Will to Win

Sharansky reminds us democracies can't defend themselves without 'identity.'

Muslims at Harvard

Do Muslim demands at Harvard safeguard rights or promote something more troubling?

Your Tax Dollars at Work in Gaza

The confusing and complex campaign for aid to a pro-terror Palestinian Authority.

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