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Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was the founder and president of Hineni, and a lecturer, radio and television personality, newspaper columnist, and author of "Jewish Soul On Fire" (Wm. Morrow), "The Committed Life," "The Committed Marriage" (HarperCollins) and "Life Is A Test" (Mesorah/Art Scroll).

Parsha: Eternal Witnesses

Parsha: The Blessings Continue

Parsha: The Torah Is Engraved on Every Jewish Soul

Parsha: The Covenant of Mutual Responsibility

Parsha: Happiness Is An Obligation

Parsha: God and Kings

Parsha: Choice and Giving

Parsha: Maintaining Closeness With God

Parsha: Pillars of Jewish Faith

Parsha: How to Criticize Without Offending

Parsha: Life's Journeys

Parsha: Facing Life's Battles

Parsha: Love, Commitment and Passion

Parsha: Wake-Up Calls: Are You Ready to Listen?

Parsha: Voids Left By Those Who Die

Parsha: The Roots of All Evil

Parsha: Relevant Lessons From the Spies

Parsha: Elevate Your Life

Parsha: Blessings For All Eternity

Parsha: We All Count

Parsha: Coincidence or the Hand of God?

Parsha: Total Trust in God

Parsha: Reaching Beyond Yourself

Parsha: Sensitzing Your Heart

Parsha: The Path to Holiness

Parsha: The Power of Speech: Death and Life Are in the Tongue

Parsha: A Terrible Tragedy

Parsha: Would God Approve?

Parsha: The Meaning of Sacrifice

Parsha: Will It and It Shall Be

Parsha: Measure Your Worth

Parsha: Moses: Putting Himself On the Line

Parsha: A Solution to Every Problem

Parsha: Good Is Not Good Enough

Parsha: The Art of Listening

Parsha: The Song of Faith

Converting despair into hope.

Parsha: Exodus: Elevating Yourself and Others

Parsha: Comfort and Consolation

Parsha: Quality of a Great Jewish Leader

Parsha: An Eternal Blessing

Parsha: The Power of Words

The significance and holiness of words and speech.

When the Tests are Miracles

Divine Providence or coincidence? The choice – and challenge – is yours.

The Sound of Heaven

On Rosh Hashanah, the shofar reminds us of a higher calling.

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